Of the phesphi #

Me thinks it is safe to say that we are back…

And we are hoping that this will stay.

And we needs lotsa prayers that we won’t get hacked or shitted or whatever-ed. I mean we will take it if we get negative comments and such but if you take down our site again…

We won’t be able to fix it.

And it would take year(s) to put it up back again or if another movie shows up.


Or if the author needs a billion dollars more hence a new book…

More hehehe.

So, if you’d like the Pinoy Harry Potter forums or Hogwarts Philippines forums back then… ta-da, saying the magic word “fooz-fabah!”

Go here: http://hogwartsphils.forumotion.com/

Update is the site just started two days ago so we need a lot of kick-ass patience to all the members with the rebuilding of the forums and the portal castle. Or castle portal. Whatever.

So, yeah! Harry Potter month next month! Expect a group of hooded individuals walking around.

(50 registered users! Hooray!)


I can’t divulge anything yet. Nothing is finalized for the meantime.

But everything is a go go go.


And we all believe that we are not all too old for this.

Walang basagan ng trip.


Will do a lot of leaves next month, gosh.

~ by targrod on June 14, 2009.

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