Of the eff #

FB (this is not FaceBook or Funny Buddy but Fully Booked) has a new kick-ass contest. They’re having their Anniversary Book Grab on… uhm… I don’t know when.

But look, the when part is just a prerequisite to the contest itself so let’s focus on the actual contest, as it is really important.

I am actually asking everyone to join. Link is: http://www.fullybookedonline.com/bookgrab/index.asp

And this is a plea to everyone who’s joining, more as a cause. Those to anyone who’s joining and who’s luckily selected inform me of the great news.

I am joining to one simple reason. To get all those Twilight books. I swear I want ‘em all.

And then after the contest, we’ll create a bonfire together.

So, who’s in with me?

(an improv hirit last night at ym with @markpoa.)


And I thought I was having the god damn flu. It was just a simple vitamin C overload. Gah. Damn you 500 emgees.


And is this a sign?

I’ve been buying Time and Newsweek lately, even Reader’s Digest.

…though I’m still basing “the buy” on shiny pretty cover pages such as the 100 famous people and the Twitter cover.


See, microblogging is just heating up though Facebook’s bug is biting everyone. Oh no!! Friendster 2?

I hope not.

As long as I don’t see those cam whore guys and emo-istic kids in my people to add list then we’re still fine.


~ by targrod on June 18, 2009.

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