Of the rfish #

Have you ever felt the longest time of your life?

Like what you see in the movies, everything seems to be working in slow motion. You feel like you want to finish it but at the same time you want to remember each and every detail of that wonderful feeling.

Oh yeah, don’t expect a punchline… a boo for a partypooper. Oh wait, am I making a point with my question written above? Am I making any sense… whatever.

They say the human brain can store all the information in the world including the internet and all the plot points of the stars in the universe.

And isn’t it funny that whenever you think of something that is special to you, you automatically think about it and you can change the settings in that scene.

Enter the very kick-assed song that you can think of.
Zoom on the most important part of that memory. It usually is a person.
Everything else is blurred.
Set the tone to sepia.
Do it in slow motion.
Repeat n times until it is time for you to continue what you’re doing.

Despite all the bad things that you’ve experienced, you can always look back; you don’t need a time turner for this mind you.

And the funnier part of this?

You’ll remember all the words that you’ve said.
You’ll remember all the things the person said.
You’ll remember all the good times.

And that’s why our memories are our real best friend. They are honest. They are bittersweet. They suck.

So, the best things that you can do are move forward and thank all the people around you who gave all those wonderful memories.

And because you can’t be Jim Carrey or Kate Winslet.

Go figure.


Hey Peter Pan, how are you? I believe you don’t need a goddamn soundtrack of your life. Fuck off.


~ by targrod on June 23, 2009.

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