Of the ben #

My mom and I always have this invisible contest of ours. What we usually do is we always have to give the latest news on the latest death of a personality.

Sounds grim?

Yes, but we are used to it.

I remember the time when someone texted me that Rico Yan is dead. I was the first one to inform her and even the death of Paul Newman, I think I texted her about his death (kras ni momma si Paul e.)

So, an hour ago, I read in the Internet that Charlie’s Angels’ star Farah Fawcett passed away last night due to cancer.

My mom woke up at six in the morning and I immediately told her.

Since I was not yet around when Charlie’s Angels was shown, I was not really affected with her death. I know she was big before… in terms of her celebrity status mind you.

Moving on… so a few minutes later mom shouted, “may mas bago akong news sa iyo… patay na si Michael Jackson.”

And it was partly unbelievable. Checked IMDB, fail. Checked CNN, my mom was right.


A person’s career is much more important actually than his personal life to others especially if the career is related to acting and singing (though music has more impact that moving pictures).

And it doesn’t matter if MJ did change his face twenty times. It doesn’t matter if his skin is now white. It doesn’t matter if debt became him.

Though, pedophilia affected him as a celebrity…

We will miss the music.
We will miss the kick-ass best selling album of all time.
We will miss moonwalk.
We will miss the king of pop.

Oh well, rest in peace my man.


And thank you for: “heal the world, make it a better place…”


~ by targrod on June 25, 2009.

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