Of the oynk #

I just don’t get it. Why do we have to pay for a swine flu check? Why do we have to spend a big sum of 2000 pesos or 400 pesos for an influenza vaccine that is not really a fix for the swine flu but will just be used just to rule out everything?

Put it this way. Get the vaccine. Get sick with influenza like symptoms. Hello swine flu.

Here lies the problem with all these KAAS (Kung Anu-Anong Shit). We, as taxpayers, should at least get a free vaccine or an uber discounted shot courtesy of DOH. But since everyone’s hidden agenda, which is not so hidden anymore, is the 2010 elections. These politicians will not care a thing or two about our health. (besides they can fly out of the country or go to some unpopulated island in the Philippines and stay there until the swine flu genocide ends)

And if these are all the case then they are absolutely wrong. This is the right time for them to do this kind of move so that the name recall can at least help them for next year.

Everybody wins.


Now, I’m trying to come up with my own survival guide here in our building. And, here goes…

Welcome to Gee Are’s guide against the evil swine flu virus or AH1N1 for those who love the subject, chemistry.

The greatest thing that you can do for now is to actually be uber-healthy, drink vitamins, and sleep a lot but to be sure about not acquiring the “dreaded” virus, you can at least do some preliminary precautions that could probably help you survive. (this feels a lot like a zombie movie, doncha think?)

One thing you can do is to avoid elevators. You can always use the stairs.

Think about it. Stairs will keep you feet este fit. As elevators will make you claustrophobic and there is a high probability that the swine flu patient will use this contraption (remember that the sick will not use the stairs to save some stamina and good study habits). So, you are oh-super safe when you are using the stairs.

In average, a person can only climb up and down stairs for six floors only. Other than that you’ll be jabar-ilious already.

So, if you’re office is from the seventh and above floors then you might want to do my suggestions.

You can always go to work at five in the morning and then go home when everyone is out already. The probability of you getting sick is slim to none.

Bring a baon. Make sure you eat alone.

If ever you’re going to buy food be sure to take your lunch at ten in the morning or two in the afternoon. If you’re going to eat at three in the afternoon, better buy merienda alongside your lunch. Remember that you are going to places that are not crowded.

At the same time there is a domino effect for this. Since you go to work early, and at the same time you go home late, and you only use public utility vehicles as a form of transportation, then this is the right time to do it. Yes, less people during those ungodly hours.

You can always use all your sick leaves but the probability of you getting sick at the end of the year is probably possible. So, use your vacation leaves, emergency leaves, paternity leaves, maternity leaves, sabbatical leaves and tea leaves.

Always bring alcohol. If you’re planning to do some nomnomnom sessions then you don’t actually need to bring alcohol. It would be redundant if you were doing that.


I’m still trying to come up with a few more guidelines… if I come up with a few more, I’ll update this.

I have a question though, if you get swine flu, would you get another one if you acquire it again?


~ by targrod on June 28, 2009.

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