Of the uwang #

I didn’t really miss this one. Did you know that Johnny Carson’s sidekick, Ed Mcmahon died a few days ago?

Yeah. I remember him on one of those kid’s talent shows or some show with kids.

And TMZ reported some house problems last year.

That’s three deaths in one week…

And there’s this Billy May’s guy that people are starting to speculate that he was born at the same year as MJ and they were just four months apart.

And these stupid people are speculating that celebrities, who are born on 1958, should take precaution.

There’s Drew Carey and Bruce Campbell.



Looks like the MJ story is not yet going to an end.

I remember playing the Moonwalk Sega video game and watching the Moonwalker “movie”.

Wala lang.

People are starting to take advantage of the dead. Check out Amazon and Ebay.


I want a Wii.

Wii is going to release a Beatles’ rockband version.

Some songs include Get Back, Here Comes The Sun, I Am The Walrus, I Feel Fine, I Saw Her Standing There, and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

And they are also releasing instrument peripherals, Beatles’ version. Yey!


Random ramblings made four days ago. I think.


~ by targrod on June 29, 2009.

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