Of the Cc #

Ok. I’ll try to start a new, ningas-cogon to be, type of post or topic.

Since I’m trying really hard to post a day-by-day post, think last quarter of 2008, it would be a great help if I’ve included Rx’s hot ten or top-ten-topic for the day making.

That’s five days of glorious, outstanding, voluptuous, kick-ass, ravishious (got this from the word ravishing), inconceivavous, immaculate, and inoculating posts per week.

Again, expect this to be here for a few days or weeks only.

Tatamarin din ako.

And if I want sinigang, tatamarind din ako.


Topic is: top ten signs that someone is a call center agent.

Before anything else, no call center debates, fights or ugly discussions. Ok?


Anyhoo, I used to work in a call center, around six months of my life six years ago.

And my experiences include (eh wait lang. bago ka sumugod ala Andres Bonifacio, you should respect the topic first. Hello? Ang nakasulat dun signs that someone is a call center agent at hindi experience in the call center world!!!!!)

[Oh teka lang, before you get your hot ass hot-ted, you have to remember na this is my post and this is my own rules. Ngayon, I know I wouldn’t be able to give any top-ten worthy replies that’s why yung experience ko na lang yung isusulat ko.]

(eh bobo ka pala e. ang gulo mo. Sabi mo gusto mong isagot yung topic tapos iibahin mo. Whatdafuck are you driving at? Are you a madehpacking drayber? Ha? Ha?)

[Eh gaygow ka pala e. Iiiiistarbak na lang tayo! Ano?]


Moving on… So, here are a few experiences that I won’t forget (hello? Six years na ang nakaraan.)

– I used to know all the states and the state capitals of the U.S. of A.

– Playing hooky is the hardest thing that you can do in the call center industry (or that’s what I’m assuming). I went to work that day and I was actually taking calls for three hours already (background first, my team lead is “kinatatakutan” by every one at work. Angas kasi and he was like a pillar na in that company). A workmate of mine texted me that they’re going to Watering Hole (yes, matagal na po ang WH sa may Shang) to drink, I, then, informed my TL that I feel sick and I have to go home. And I spent the rest of my work hours in WH.

– I had a hard time spokening in English. I was like at the bottom three when it comes to twang English. It still is sucky though, thank God my clients right now don’t check our English but what we do for our work.

– When I was on the last month of work, I started to increase the quality of my calls and didn’t care if I’ll be having the “required” twenty calls per day. I’ve opted for three-hour calls rather than those quickie types. This is actually a no-no for call centers.

– And one unforgettable instance is (background again: people know and knew me as the narcoleptic type) I fell half-asleep while taking the call. I knew I snore when I was talking to this Network Admin. He was kind of talkative all throughout our call. It was like, he was talking to himself and he was just asking for affirmation of what he was doing. So, apparently my snores were a bunch of affirmations and when our call ended he actually thanked me for a job well done.


No, FML stories here. Hahaha.

I knew it, i’m tamad.


~ by targrod on June 30, 2009.

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