Of the 3l #

First off, I’d like to say thanks to all those wizards and witches and muggles who helped with the events in SM Lipa and SM Lucena.

Dun lang. bwahahaha. (everytime na humihirit ako nito natatandaan ko si Nicole Ayala)

Joke. Seriously, this is of course related with all the Hogwarts Philippines events starting with the Umagang Kay Ganda to Unang Hirit to the SM ma-mall (read as momol) gigs and to all those gigs that I forgot to mention (nakalimutan ko yung ta-gig).


And since some of the potterheads went to the southern Luzon gig then I can only react on those churvaness… duh.

*look at mah learnings*

–    Always remember that Lucena is in Quezon. Don’t get surprised if you see Sariaya or Candelaria along the way. Study geography.
–    Creating new Hogwarts houses will always be a treat for me. And no, I can’t say the name of the house, the members of that house, or even show the house crest with matching color. (Looks like we have to change the color of the new house, someone’s gonna kill me, obviously she doesn’t want to be part of that house)
–    Paper people will always be in events. You can’t just take ‘em up or kill ‘em. The best thing that you can do is think positive and says that what this person is doing is beneficial to you even though that she makes utos as if she owns the event. (foh sure, this person is owning the event…)
–    Always say that the estimated ride is more than your real ride. It creates a sense of…uhm… dyslexia.
–    The pink table story will always be a hit. Promise.
–    Eating chicken the whole day would probably grow you some “fekfak”. And eating chicken tocino and chicken longganisa and chicken hotdog on spaghetti the next day would probably increase your “fekfak”.
–    Red’s video call (“deo” is read as “ja”, ala German) is awesome. We were literally in Southern Luzon and the quality of the videocall is good! Videocall! Videocall! Videocall!
–    According to research, if you left your food in a very cold place you’ll discover that the rice is colder than the chicken.
–    And according to great scientists, if you go to the south southern province and mention “hotel”, you’d end up in a resort. Though that resort has prices same with a “hotel”.
–    The gene pool in Lipa is weirded out. You can see fourteen year olds there that look like… me. In terms of age of course… (maganda ako e)
–    On a serious note, South Super Highway is laspag already!
–    Everybody can attest to this, that it is better to do something the whole day rather than wait for father time to end while eating mall food.
–    No internet for two days is like me getting a circumcision. Really.
–    Our headmistress is so beautiful. Period. Pors Pild. No Erase. No Snowpeyk.
–    We also had our very own little research. We found out that our service serviced some famous local singers such as Rico Blanco, M.Y.M.P., and Sam Concepcion. Ergo, we are in league with these guys already. We can say that we are celebrities. Much bigger than the ones mentioned.
–    You should not sleep at Php rides. Be sure that you rest well. Eh?
–    Lipa people are vain!
–    I found out that grottos can help an area to be “strong spirit” free. Only the forest said no.
–    I was shocked to find out that “kids” doesn’t want to play with gnome toss anymore. Where’s the justice?
–    It was fun to find out that there are hardcore HP fans in the province. I salute you!
–    A quick thank you to Vince’s white tea tea. Maraming salamat!
–    And it felt like I was really this old person, I chose sleep over HBP. FML.


Maraming salamat sa mga taong tumulong at sumuporta sa lahat ng Hogwarts Philippines events. We all rocks.

Like igneous, sedimentary… you know… (channeling Manny here…)

And Lipa-Lucena learnings yung triple L.


~ by targrod on July 21, 2009.

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