Of the hold #

So, I was looking for funny, outrageous, or near impossible wrestling moves in the Internet. I can actually think of “what-the” wrestling move that for me, even the most stupid person can tell that “hey! That’s not really a wrestling move. They just ran out of moves.”

But before that, I looked for Sleeper Hold in Wikipedia and found out that the police use this when they are taking down bad people (after nun pinapalo nila sa puwet yung bad person or pinaluluhod sa munggo at asin with matching books na nakapatong sa outstretched arms, you get the idea).

The hold can really cut off your blood circulation and it can make the person unconscious and if done un-right, it can even kill.

And I thought that this is just one of those stupid wrestling moves.

But of course, this is usually used if the two wrestlers need to converse on what next move they should make. And for all those other holds too, they usually do this to kill time. Either they talk to the referee or talk to themselves.

(kasi I’ve seen old wrestling matches and you can really see these wrestlers making bulong to one another.)


This is it. If you’re familiar with Mankind (I think he went to the Philippines already), he has this sock puppet chokehold where he’ll use his point and middle finger and clamp your lower jaw with his thumb. And that’s it.

I haven’t researched this one if there is an origin if this hold is deadly or what but if the person loves to scratch his you-know-what and does this…

You get the idea.

Oh well, at least they get paid a lot to smell a lot of men’s crotches.


And yeah, I ended up with this top twenty, http://www.comedy.com/blog/2008/11/14/the-top-20-wrestling-moves-that-sound-like-sex-acts/ .

It is up to you if you find these funny…

Yeah. Churva lang.


~ by targrod on July 22, 2009.

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