Of the phail #

And I thought I’ll be a having a fun day enjoy day for my phail picture entry. I thought I had two but I ended up with one. Sad.

So, I’m stopping my crying and sadding and groping and instead tell the whole world why…

If you drop by this site, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whisky, you’d probably see the spelling of whiskey as whisky. I thought it was funny. I really thought it was. I was wrong.


So, the picture shown below is not a spell-fail picture. Ergo, it is not really funny in any sense. Probably, funny because I expected so much… I expected so big for this. But noooo, it was a phail-picture phail for me. Where is the justice? Where is Jack who brought the phail of water for Rose or Jill or whatever.

And here’s the picture… I found it in Robinson’s Galleria, I thought they are wrong. My bad.

Saving me for further humiliation, I got one in Lucena last Sunday. I know logic states that they probably ran out of those creatures and they ended up putting these other creatures in that area for the sheer availability of that place.

Or, the creatures previously mentioned are probably just sleeping. I’m not sure about it, they haven’t texted me. So, they are probably still asleep.

Yes, the sign said “Butterfly Farm” and there are chickens around. Unless these creatures are starting their own organization or union or whatnot then I have to ask Mulder and Scully the real reason of the mystery.


I still have to take a picture of some notes I found in CDR-King. For me, it is funny. I don’t have it with me. I know you don’t really care.

Here, grab some Care Bears Stare!

Ugh. Friday.


~ by targrod on July 23, 2009.

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