Of the alaeh #

Before anything else, the Sundays are uhm… is… (pero may S e) are… (pero parang may mali e)

Ok. Fine. The Sundays are one of the best groups ever made. Ayan.

There’s a catch though, you can just listen to them only after Saturdays or before Mondays.

Whatever you like.

God, that’s so corny.


So, I won’t make it as “learning” this time.

We just got back from SM Batangas… errr… yesterday.

I think it all went smoothly except for the usual “we don’t want to join your stupid contest because it is stupid”. Well, this is for the Movie Quiz. The turn out for that was quite low but yeah… ganun talaga e.

I am superstitious in nature and since it was raining like hell and at the same time “disabled ants” traffic yesterday, I can always go with one conclusion. The pessimistic one and ergo, it must be one of the guys who had the “balat” on their butt.

But my seatmate informed me that one of the ladies who didn’t go with the trip might be lucky charm for us since we just breezed from Lucena to Manila last week.

Though, I always go with the pessimistic approach. So, I am looking at you right now, whoever you are. Ang tagal ng biyahe namin. =)

Now, I know everybody believes the saying, first impression lasts or don’t judge a book by its cover. And no, those two things don’t mix. I just felt like saying the second one. You see, when we arrived at the venue, the usual Hannah Montana set was still there. And they were still fixing this and that stuff hence we were able to start at eleven already actually, but it is all fine.

And I know I was wrong. As I’ve said, everything went smoothly. The Marketing Head was there and we felt we were taken cared of. We felt like we were pigs (because of the food) waiting to be roasted.

Oh yeah, I have one complaint, it is not nice to listen to the American Idol’s Davids all day long. Thank God my seatmate brought her brand of music. Yes, thank you Paschal, the Sundays, Foo Fighters, Ciudad, etc for the music (referencing Abba here).


Yeah, that’s it. This is quite a boring entry. We should’ve marched the whole grounds to attract more people but hey, we are V.I.P.

(Oh gosh, this is really a boring entry. Sugar? Tantantantantan? Awww honey honey?)


~ by targrod on July 30, 2009.

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