Of the fight #

This has been playing in my mind for hours already and I still don’t know how to start it.

I am still grieving. And I was really surprised when I went to Megamall earlier. Parang wala lang nangyari. Should I be happy that I saw not one but two vehicles with a yellow ribbon hanging on their vehicle? Should I be happy that there are at least a few people who are concerned with what happened?

I don’t think so.

Let’s track back to the martial law era. What happened before? Let me see, communications is not for every one meaning all the things that we are using right now, from cellular phones to Twitter to what-not, if we are living in the M.L. era we wouldn’t be able to use any of it. Or it will be limited. Check out China today, Plurk is banned in that country; now add all the shit that we use for communication that would probably still be happening right now if we are in M.L. In addition, you wouldn’t be able to read this blog, you wouldn’t be able to watch news that are not screened by the Marcoses, and the hell with newspapers.

Next, let’s talk about the power of the Metrocom. It is as simple as this. They catch a person, regardless if this person is guilty or not. They bring them to the police station and the luckiest thing for this person is if you can still find him or her. If you’re not familiar with a person missing by falling from a helicopter into the ocean scheme, then you now know this idea. And this is not just an idea, this is reality.

How about the real life experience of my uncle? He is an activist. He was just lucky since Alfredo Lim knows him. Lim told him, “Putangina ka Junior, umalis ka diyan. Dali!” When he was walking away and he was not that far, he heard shots. Guess who died?

Yes, we are a distant relative with Alfredo Lim. He was the Chief of Police during that time. My uncle lives in Canada right now. And all the things I mentioned above are true. You might not believe it mainly it is not really taught in school. The only connection to us and history are the people who experienced it (My parents, my uncles and my aunts; they all experienced it. I grew up actually in a family of activists).

And oh yeah, who wants a freakin’ curfew? I don’t.


After Ninoy’s death it was quite hazy for every one on who’ll be able to support the opposition (the opposition mainly consists of millions of Filipinos who wants democracy).

They were expecting, probably, Doy Laurel to do the unity for the opposition, again I’m referring to the millions of Filipinos here. But the problem is he is a politician and integrity is not really fit even for politicians before and the best formula was to mix up a religious figure and a person who is full of integrity. An ordinary person… a house-wife (perhaps…)

And that’s where Cory comes in. It was actually the best choice or the best thing that happened. Take it this way; if you love watching movies you’d probably say that, “Siya ang magandang lumaban dun sa panget na kontrabida kasi pinatay niya yung asawa nito.”

But don’t get me wrong, every one knows Cory. She was the husband of Ninoy. And she stepped up when it was time to. She stepped up and informed every one that she would take the leadership and unite every one to topple the Marcos regime.

And think about this, since she is a house wife and put your mom in her place, what would you feel? You have to think that your lives are in danger especially your mom but someone has to do it, if not her then who?

And the rest is history…


It was one of the proudest moments in Philippine history, a bloodless revolt.

And would you believe that the Holy Spirit helped guide the People Power? Why do you think there is an Edsa Shrine?

My mom informed me that a lady came out of nowhere and told the soldiers to stop in that area. Yes, the one near Robinson’s Galleria. And stop meaning to stop following Marcos’ orders.


So, moving on… If you’re a teen or if you are a person who doesn’t know what Cory did, would you think we are still here right now?

I informed my mom that would I still be living in the time of Martial Law. I don’t think so.

And all of us should be thankful to what happened. This person is an instrument to where we are right now. On we do what we want to do. And be free because of democracy.


We should just be happy right now that we have democracy. We should be happy that there was once this person who was brave enough to fight the numerous coups d’etat that attacked them in Malacanang.

And yes, change can’t be abrupt that’s why those were the so-called years of healing.


(baka may nasabi akong walang sense sa taas. Hopefully wala sana. Nakakalungkot lang kasing isipin na parang wala tayong pakialam sa araw na ito. Ako ay natutuwa at ginawa niya yung nagawa niya. Kasi kung hindi niya ginawa yun, wala ako ngayon dito sa harap ng computer para sumulat nito. Wala akong Harry Potter. Wala akong movies. Kasi malamang wala talaga ako sa mundong ito. Yun lang naman. Pasalamatan na lang natin siya kasi wala namang hihigit pa dun sa mga sumabit kumpara sa nagawa niya sa baying ito. At napakakataba ng puso na sa buong mundo na may humarap at sabihing ang Pilipinas ay under the democratic rule na.)


~ by targrod on August 1, 2009.

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