Of the again #

I wrote this one yesterday. Stupid flash drive (this is in reference with Willie blaming everyone else. Not really.)


Here are a few thoughts on what had happened for the past few days.

But before that I’d just like to say that I was really tempted to type shit since the last entry. I can’t do it since I’d probably be writing about negative stuff and to quote the Aquino’s, “you have to lie to Lola Cory to tell her that everything is fine.” or something in that sense since I’ve given her respect ever since I was born in this atmosphere.

So, speaking of respect there are a lot of positive things and a few negative things that entailed during the few days of burial (or burol in Filipino).

I’d start with the negative things so that the ending of this shit is positive. Duh!

It all started last Sunday or Monday where I was trying to console a friend who was very upset of her colleague’s words. One of her responses to me was “tnx JR. nanginginig pa kamay ko sa inis. grabe talaga.” I waited for a few hours then I asked her the story. Apparently there was this guy who made a remark in Facebook that “the rally is just panggulo lang at ang daming tao sa Makati at ang init init. Porke’t anak niya ay artista” (the words weren’t actually like this but I know you get the effin’ idea). I can’t divulge much on this since a lot of my friends might be affected with what I’m going to say so all I could say for now is that this guy doesn’t know the Filipino history. And this guy is earning a lot ergo you can’t base a person’s personality with his career.

Let’s move on to Monday, try to go to this link first, http://www.mukamo.com/willie-revillame-apologizes-cutting-cory-aquino-funeral-live-stream/. I apologize if I can’t provide you the youtube link for this or even the actual words that Willie said but it is actually all over the media, not just the Internet, of his complain on why the hell the cortege is being shown on the split screen where the people inside the Wowowee studio are rejoicing.

I’ve been an ardent hater of Willie’s hosting job and people are actually petitioning him http://www.petitiononline.com/badwilly/petition.html to get out of TV. Here’s my two cents worth, I’ve posted this actually in the forums or some status site and if it weren’t for Cory, the Lopezes wouldn’t get their stupid TV station for free. Yes, they got it back from the government for free. Gratis. That’s why one of the Lopezes said thank you to Cory and the irony of it all, hello Willie.

People are trying to stand with Willie on what he did was supposedly right but a cultured person will surely know what to do. (I may sound mayabang but I know most people are following what I’m trying to say here) As there are a lot of ways to say it like telling it to your Floor D or telling your Director about that shit that has been happening. If you’ve been following his hosting skills from way before, you’d probably say, “Yeah, we are expecting Willie to do that.” (In short, wala nang nagulat sa ginawa niya)

Oh yeah, I signed the petition. *snicker*

(Oh, baka sabihin nyo tama talaga yung ginawa niya. Ganito lang naman yan e, in case you are in the shoes of Kris and siblings would you want your mother to be “bastardized” by this person?)

Now, there was this incident that didn’t really hit it but since I’m on the topic I’ll share it with you. So, there was this AM broadcaster reacting to Kris’s words regarding the pullout of the PSG. And this broadcaster said that the PSG should have been really pulled since Cory is on her “deathbed” and who the hell would attack her in the hospital? So Binay called that idiot (yes, that person is an idiot) and informed him that this is the right of every president or past presidents. The Cojuangco’s and the Aquino’s can afford even ten guads, sa totoo lang, but this is about the right of a person. (Apparently, someone’s overusing the power of speech. Dyosko)

My mom and I were praising these politicians, who were in the wake. Like Erap for example where Kris praised her that he kept his mouth shut on visiting Cory when she was still in the hospital. So wow, great, and even the other politicians who were just inside LSGH and the Manila Cathedral where they showed their “respects”. And then the convoy happened. I saw Erap and Mar on national TV waving and Jamby was giving away bracelets and shit.

OMFG, where are your manners? You guys shouldn’t have stayed at home. (ilang beses bang uulit ulitin nina Kris na hindi political agenda ang burol ng kanilang ina at kaya nga hindi state burial ang nangyari.) P.I. talaga.

The death of a president is not a way to pursue your political interests. You guys have money for God’s sakes. Give this woman the respect that she deserves.

(At nahihiya na ko kay Mar. Malayong kamag-anak ko yan pero from his actions, I think he finally lost my vote and it all started with Korina. Smile.)

And finally, yes finally, let’s talk about this godforsaken president of ours. It all started with the PSG boo-boo. She tried to make it up by doing the 10-day National day of Mourning and the non-working holiday yesterday. But no, those shit are not enough. We did Edsa two for you and this is the shit that you’re going to give us.

(Wala na. People Power lang talaga ang totoong revolt sa bansang ito. Wala nang iba.)


It seems that I gave out a lot of negative things on the first part… oh well.

(at tinamad akong mag-proof read. Coz I never do it. Lol.)


~ by targrod on August 7, 2009.

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