Of the full #

(Whoo. Ngayon lang pinost. Tamad.)


I’ve always seen the glass as half full. Though there is something inside of me that always see things in general (or trying to see things of the two sides; and there’s no point on why I said that. Stupid).

(Shit. Naguluhan ako sa English ko. Next!)

The Cory burial was magnificently orchestrated by some great being. What I’m trying to say here is that the Holy Spirit guided everything. Starting from the day she died, the channel seven people (honestly, ayoko talagang magsalita ang mga journalist ng two. Minsan kasi puro bullshit lang ang naririnig ko. Probably because hindi trained ang mga tao nila at kadalasan puro scripted lang sila) gave a wonderful news outbreak and informed people of what happened starting at five (or six?) in the morning until before noon.

The stargazers were a great symbolism since Tessie Oreta gave the exact type of flowers to Cory in the hospital (this was instructed by Ninoy to her) and the Heritage people gave the exact type of flowers to the Aquinos. Coincidence? I will say no.

I missed the burial inside LSGH and that sucked for me since I’m just a kiss away from the place… Fine. Flying kiss away from the place… (I’m at fault here too. I should’ve tried to go there. It was one in the morning and people were coming in. Sayang.)

Boy interviewed Kris. I may say it again that this is the only time where I really listened to Kris. She divulged some things that awakened me and probably, most Filipinos. And I don’t need to say more stuff in this (nauubusan na talaga ako ng words) since I know you’ve probably seen it.

Monday came and if I may say (again) that the spirit guided me in seeing her remains for one last time. I didn’t go to LSGH since the line was really long (hello six hours, tinatamad ka lang e. this is no time for excuses) so I waited for her to pass by Edsa. I was successful. And it was a cry fest for me. I will say this again, the feeling was overwhelming and despite the small crowd turnout in our area, Ortigas po, it felt like it was enough for me.

I checked out the news later at night and found out the wonderful Makati crowd re-lived the 1986 People Power revolution. And even the crowd in the Manila Cathedral. The number of people is really overwhelming.

(saludo ako sa lahat ng mga pumunta sa burol sa LSGH, sa Manila Cathedral, mga taong nag-antay sa daan para lang makita sya sa pinakahuling beses, mga taong nag-effort sa media, mga taong nag-effort sa kung san san man sa Internet at mga taong nagtanggol sa mga ignorante at alanganing salita.)


Moving on to the events that took place in the Manila Cathedral…

There is an incident that took place here that might be verrry memorable for everyone. Bong-bong and Imee went there to pay respects and it was quite courageous for them to go. I admire them.

(Sa bahay namin may kasabihan, ang away ng magulang ay dapat hanggang sa magulang lamang. Huwag idamay ang mga anak. And it seems that ito yung nangyari sa pagdating nung magkapatid. Wala akong natanggap na may namura sa kanila or anything. And yan ang probable reason kung bakit hindi na pumunta si Imelda. Fear of bad words ang tawag dun. No really. Ang mga tao sa loob ng simbahan hindi sila babastusin for sure yun, pero paano yung mga tao sa labas? At nakakalungkot lang at hindi nag-apologize yung panget na RAM-boy. Hello? That was the right time to say your apology, if you ever had one. Unless na kung nag-apologize ka na before. Na hindi ko nakita or na-feel. Oh well, keber ko sa iyo. Wag ka na lang tumakbo next year a.)

During the requiem mass (that I almost missed kasi naliligo ako for work. Uy TMI na yan), the eulogies were shared. I don’t know but it didn’t give me that much impact; probably because those eulogies are really personal.

All the singers were great except for Piolo. (Sample ng naduwag or hindi naghanda. Keber ko ba.) And one great voice for Erik Santos. Of course the rest of the singers were awesome too. Duh.

Then the tears este the crying session started again for me when I saw the body leaving the altar while she was being applauded by the people inside. And the haunting music of the Philharmonic Orchestra topped it all off.


People were complaining on why the procession from the Manila Cathedral to the Manila Memorial took them eight hours (actually yung mga reklamador lang yung mga hindi familiar sa history ng Pilipinas.)

(Ok. Let’s go back in time. When Ninoy was shot dead and his funeral procession made the streets of Manila, Makati, etc. It took them 10+ hours. Imagine a, millions of people went there to join and my mom had a theory. Since all forms of communication weren’t on the funeral procession, people had to go to the streets to join, and probably some of them watched the rally. Kaya nga ngayon it was quite different, from the television to the radio to the Internet. Aren’t we all lucky that all forms of communication are available to us anytime we want to? Well, nung 1983 fallacy yun.)

The police force estimated that there were around 150,000+ people who joined the procession from the church. I don’t think so.

And since I was in the office I wasn’t able to catch the last-last-lastest funeral rites. (pagbigyan niyo ko, since day one umiiyak na ko. Pinilit ko na munang magpahinga.)

And then I watched the late night news (ayan, last na talaga yan.)


This is the only “celebration” where you can’t say that it was successful. The last credible leader of the People Power moved on with her husband and we’re left with…


I really don’t know what is left?

As the 2010 elections is fast approaching, I can’t help but wonder about our political system. Do we have to do another People Power just to get what we want? Who will lead us? Who is credible for us Filipinos?



(At syempre may P.S. ako. It was really great to see Alfredo Lim and Jejomar Binay shed the limelight of the funeral, na hindi ni-respeto ng ibang mga politiko. Dyan talaga tumaas ang respeto ko sa dalawa.)

(Now, here’s a small story on Binay. Si Binay kasi nung panahon ng martial law, nakasama yan ng tatay ko bilang isang aktibista. Kumakain lang sila sa Makati noon, yung sa gilid gilid. Yung mga karinderya. Umabot yung point na nanungkulan si Cory at binigyan siya ng pwesto sa gobyerno. Ngayon hindi na talaga nakakapagtaka yung respetong binigay ni Binay kay President Cory.)

(Hulaan niyo kung sino ang iboboto ko next year.)

(Si Jamby syempre. Tangina.)


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