Of the bad #

So, I’m starting to go to Powerbooks again, after some time where I really kept my distance. I bought some crap two weeks ago and just last week I bought a copy of I Spy.

And just earlier I had to look for The Bro Code released by Barney the purple effing dinosaur.

I’m kidding of course.

It’s Barney Simpson (Ha? Mali daw…).

Barney S. (Ayan. Barney S. na lang. I can’t remember his last name. Uyyy, I know you want to give the correct answer. Sige na. Your EQ will rule.)

Yes, Barney is that character from the TV show How I Met Your Momma.

I asked if they have a new batch of copies and the P-books informed me that it have been months since they released it.

In short, out of stock. Damn you government tax issues on books.


In lieu of this I am currently watching the fourth season of the show and something caught my eye. Actually, there are a lot, which includes Barney’s blog in CBS and some other shit that I can’t remember.

Now, the Naked Guy style, in one of the episodes where there was this naked guy who dated people errr he wasn’t naked at the stat of the date but once he enters the premises of the woman, he takes off all his clothes and the woman would probably find it funny and the woman will probably make-awa and they’ll you know what.

Fine. SEX. They will eat at Sinangag EXpress. Happy?

The success probability of the Naked Guy is 2 out of 3 or a whopping 66.67 percent.

And they added that logically, the Naked Guy is usually acted upon by a loser who has nothing to else to show or prove to the opposite sex.

Here’s my two cents worth, the Naked Guy style doesn’t work with the Naked Gal.

And an experiment sure is interesting… Not that I want to.

Guinea pig anyone?


~ by targrod on August 11, 2009.

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