Of the Marfee #

I am finally convinced that all those cheap physical examinations provided by the company suck.

(E kasinamanbecause yung pagpasok ko sa company na itetch, it was like I went to the Medical City in Robinson’s Galleria and I’m sure the results are sure. Or probably yung bumabasa ng mga clinical papers lang ang marunong.)

So, the office doctor informed me that I have a blocked artery; the one that is near the heart. And they based it on a freakin’ ECG output.

I went to a real cardiologist last weekend and brought all the results and told me that I could be suffering from Gonorrhea.


The doctor informed me that I might be having GIRD or in layman’s terms, heart burn.

(syempre dapat may musical background na habang nagsasadula na ko ng aking saysay, pasok Burn by Tina Arena)

“Do you wanna be a poo-wet…”

He told me that I might be feeling that I’m having a heart attack since heartburn is much like a heart attack. The muscles near the heart contracts and it makes damay the heart. So there…

He informed me that one of the fixes is agua since acid do the contraction.

(Oh gosh, para akong manganganak.)

“Do you wanna be a poo-wet…” (may sira yata yung cd player.)

And he told me that I should avoid the following:
–    Anything with caffeine that includes coffee, tea, and the group Caffeine and Tennille.
–    Spicy or hot food. So, I have to stay away from my friends, myself included.
–    And Wowowee.

I am updating this one after a month, I am currently doing a heart beats per minute every time I wake up after a “you know what”…

Breakfast of course.


Wah. Marfan Syndrome. You’re bad.

Ay wait…

“Do you wanna be a poo-wet…”

(Tara na Tina Arena. Dadalin kita sa panadero… oh gosh. That is oh so corny.)


~ by targrod on August 12, 2009.

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