Of the owee #

Have you been following Willie’s story lately? If not, I bet you are one of the following:
–    A foreigner who is probably member of the KKK.
–    You are a bitchy elitist who follows the story but don’t want to admit it. Shame on you! Well, that is according to our National Artist Carlo Caparas. (Oh yeah, great news kids you’ll be having classes where you have to watch those wonderful films that Caparas made that includes the Lipa Massacre, Vizconde Massacre, and the Antipolo Massacre. Thank God there’s Tirad Pass, the story of Gen. Gregorio Del Pilar… What you say? This movie sucked? Good luck kids.)
–    In a timely cosmic manner, you have television cable but channels 2, 7, 15, and 23 are not available and whenever there’s news regarding the Willie incident, the channels end up in color bars. Simply magic.
–    You just use the television for movies and pr0n. Or you don’t have a television, which is a high fallacy (This is the only country where all houses literally have a television. No really. Care to challenge moi?)
–    And you are probably Willie Revillame who doesn’t really care.

So, this brouhaha started last week. And if you’re going to check the petition; well… I know everyone is not surprised. If you’ve been following him in Wowowee or at least catch a glimpse of what he’s doing. He is simply the antithesis of a host.

He said he was sorry. The Aquino family forgave him. Vic and Joey made a harsh joke. And Joey topped it all off with a poem solely for Willie.

MTRCB butted in and they are planning to give their two cents worth.

And I think ABS-CBN aired their side too.

My verdict? Well, everyone gave out their sides already and I just have one issue, when will the moral standards be back on national television? Children watch daytime shows and if ever you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about (I’m not a parent though. I just know that there is a parent directory, har har har.)

This will probably just die down since this is the easiest scheme that we Filipinos can do. We forget easily.

What happened with the Hayden Kho issue?

Next issue please.


On a very not related issue, I just bought Sugarfree’s Mornings And Airports.

I’m not really fond of reviewing each song in the album. I used to but I’m not in the mood for it… for now. All I can say is that the first time I heard it I was scared in a sense of “Omg, a flop album”. I listened to it again. And again… And again… And again… Oh, you get it already.

(I actually started to make a review but my brain stopped. So there.)

Hang Over and Wala is love.

(Sa totoo lang, pag pinakinggan mo yung lyrics. Patok siya. Thank you for the old formula.)


~ by targrod on August 13, 2009.

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