Of the Cmanila #

Iz going to try to post crap thrice a week…

And that’s what I say.


In very more important news, Taguig City is this year’s home of Cinemanila. They’ll be showing more than a hundred films from October 15 to 25 that will probably show some local films and films from prestigious festivals such as Cannes and Berlin.

But wait, there’s more.

Brilliante Mendoza will head the main competition jury. I’m hoping his films will be shown in the event since his movies are really hard to find, in a torrent way of course (as I’ve downloaded an almost gig file which apparently is a freakin’ torrent virus. Damn you stupid virus creators.) I want to watch Foster Child, Tirador, Serbis, and Kinatay. And Kaleldo was shown in Pbo, so ok pa tayo dun.

Then, there’s screenwriter-director Paul Schrader who gave us Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Cat People. And if you remember Dominion: Prequel To The Exorcist (Yeah, dominion… after that you need to wash it. Kasi domi-nio e), he starred our very own Billy Crawford in that film. Yes, him.

And then for the ladies, there’s this B-rated… no… F-rated Mexican actor who is going to attend the event… Seriously, it will be… *wait for it*…

(and you thought I’m saying Legendary… and yes I did…)

So, Mexican actor Diego Luna (ho-hum!) is going to be there too. Remember him in Y Tu Mama Tambien and Milk? How happy… and gay… right? Hehe.

No, seriously, I’m expecting a lot of ladies to attend the event. I know they’re not going to miss this opportunity to see him and his buttocks probably.

For more information on the said event, go here.


And for the Filipino Indie films, I salute you. Our mainstream films are being taken over by the real artists. And I thank you for that. It doesn’t matter if the film didn’t earn millions and shit, I’d still say that it is better if you guys go for the prestige.

I’ll try to post the schedule if ever I find one.

(at isusulat ko din yung mga gusto kong panoorin. Pero hindi naman important yun. Hehe.)


~ by targrod on August 21, 2009.

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