Of the Ninth5 #

I’ve been really busy watching movies lately (and some muggle work on the side or is it the other way around? It SHOULD be the other way around…) And the so-called five movie quickie reviews are back.

Yes, I’m too busy watching movies. It is as if it is the end of the world and I have this notion that I have to watch all the movies that I could get my hands on; of course, all the movies that matter only.

So, checking up on my kodigo I am surprised that I am in a two-month backlog already. No, make it three.

Besides, nobody is reading much of my crap anymore (thanks to FB), which I find it really good for me.

Yes, I lost confidence in the world.
I need to be alone.

Tangina. Emo.


Yo-yo Girl Cop
Summary: A Japanese film that stars a young girl who is a cop who uses a freakin’ yo-yo as her main weapon (with the advent of guns, yo-yo still rules). Think a Pinoy cop movie ala a girl as the main protagonist and a freakin’ yo-yo as her weapon.
Why you have to watch it: Tangina. Japanese girl. Cop. Yo-yo. What more can you ask for? This is a Japanese film and foh sure these Japs can do the impossible.
Why not: From my previous Machine Girl rave (no links here, too lame to link), I thought this is a possible duplicate. I was wrong. No memorable scenes.

Summary: A group of aliens went back to Earth to get their brethren who are still in this world. A group of old people, then, found the aliens and was able to discover a modern version of the fountain of youth.
Why you have to watch it: This is a classic alien movie and doesn’t want to watch a movie about old people who can still kick some ass, figuratively of course. I don’t remember though if there was an old people sex scene. Hhhmm… I’m still trying to remember. No recall. Sorry.
Why not: If you’ve seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind in this decade, you’d probably fall asleep. If you’ve seen this one, then you’d probably sleep with one eye open. C’mon. Aliens plus humans is always equal to gore, death, and mayhem. Remember those three plot points. That’s why Predator is still awesome.

Yankee Doodle Dandy
Summary: An old film that I can’t really remember the plot but there was something in that movie that made an effin’ difference for today. Me thinks I have to watch this again in TCM.
Why you have to watch it: Same description with all the other black and white movies that you’d probably heard a classic. No really, you have to watch this if you are a classic movie fan. Forgive me for the misinformation or the no information that I can provide. It would’ve have been nice if I just placed the title of the film on the footnote noh and instead placed a different movie here, Shaolin Girl review anyone?
Why not: No… comment… Can’t… remember… film.

Vicky Christina Barcelona
Summary: It is a story of two friends who went to Barcelona and found the real meaning of the word love? Or was it a theoretical view on romance?
Why you have to watch it: Since this is a Woody Allen film (is it?) I tried hard finding a copy way back last December. I was supposedly going to watch it for the upcoming Oscars but alas, Oscar came and I still didn’t get the copy. Fast-forward of five months, I’ve seen it and it was kind of refreshing to see the two sides of love from a liberated and a conservative person. Oh yeah, Scarlett Johannesburg… err… Johannsenn? Hehe.
Why not: If you want action (not sex), don’t watch this. This is your usual Allen conversation film. It was too simple for me. I’m starting to compare all his films with the movie, Annie Hall.

Summary: A marvelous, marvelous (dude, wala ka pa dun sa why you have to watch it) film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. This is a story about an adventurous girl who had to save her parents against the wicked button… buttons… witch buttons.
Why you have to watch it: For an animation, this movie is so dark that kids might get scared watching it. I’m not sure but it seems that the audience for this one is for us adults (though I don’t see myself as an adult. Hehe). Think, old-school dark fairytale movies but without the animation and more of a modern stop-mation film.
Why not: The big breasts. Dyosko. Not for little kids talaga to. Na-disturb ako dun. Hanggang ngayon.


Other films for the week that was include the rom-com The Accidental Husband, the I’m-not-yet-bald-maybe-that’s-another-movie Demi Moore film the Seventh Sign, the I already saw this shit already Quick Change starring Billy Murray, the chick flick cry-fest film Beaches that gave the award winning song, Wing Between my Winds or Wind Between my Wings, and Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (na wala na akong masabi kasi meh movie lang sya.)


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