Of the tenth5 #

I’ll try to make five of these today. (I only made two. Tee-hee)


(Sabi nga ni Leo Sayer, I’m in the mood for dancin’ dancin’!!!)

[Dude, sino si Leo Sayer?]

(Bro, hindi ko kilala kung sino si Leo. Teka, bakit mo ko hinihiritan? Fuck off.)

Oh yeah, Nada Surf’s Inside Of Love is awesome. (and then there’s Jump of Kriss Kross and after that there’s House Of Pain’s Jump Around, no that the first song is related to the last two.)


Angus, Thongs, And Perfect Snogging
Summary: This movie is about the trials and hardships of a British girl in the modern age. Lol. Of course the trials are pure mababaw. She just wants to date her dreamboy and she planned a lot of things and all those plans were pure failures. And who wants to watch a movie that has no failures? We call them plot twists (like eating green mango and drinking milk at the same time that is an interesting plot twist).
Why you have to watch it: Actually, films like these are better off watched once and then you move on to the next. This is like your usual young Hilary or Lindsay film without the British accent. What made this awesome is the soundtrack. So go ahead, get a copy of the soundtrack. Now na.
Why not: No, I don’t want to learn how to snog and maybe you don’t want to see teens try to learn to do first bases too.

Summary: Almost two months had passed since I last saw this film and the film seems hazy. Nonetheless, if my memory serves me right, this is about a guy who found a secret formula and groups of people are after him for it.
Why you have to watch it: Remember Dude, Where’s My Car? Take out the comedy. Take out the color. Take out the logic (as if that film had logic). Bring in 3.1416. Bring in a solo protagonist. And bring in an Eraserhead type of feel. That is the movie.
Why not: If you didn’t enjoy Eraserhead, don’t watch this. Only film lovers have the right to watch this. What? You don’t believe me? Then, watch it and I’m sure you won’t want me to say, “hatolyuso!”

Driving Miss Daisy
Summary: This is about an old woman who lived in a shoe… oh wait… different story… here goes… this is about an old woman who is a “racist” and ironically she spent the rest of her days with an ignorant African American.
Why you have to watch it: (And since lazy is my middle name) If my memory serves me right, and I’m not sure, this movie won an Oscar. The theme is slightly different since it is slow but you might want to watch this with the way the old woman is treating “the other people of different color”. This is an interesting film indeed. It started funny and it ended… well… yeah.
Why not: Again. If you like Jet Lee, don’t watch this. Watch Ben Tumbling instead.

Bus 174
Summary: A true-to-life documentary of a hostage drama in a bus in Brazil.
Why you have to watch it: If you love documentaries with action then you’d probably like this one. Years ago whenever we have hostage dramas here in Manila, you’d open up the television and want to get a glance at it. You know you have a lot of things to do and you can’t just stay up and stare. This time it is different; you get to watch the whole drama, wasting just two hour of your time. And you thought our cops here are THAT bad.
Why not: Some parts of the film are depressing partly because Brazil is not really a first world country. (well, not really depressing. Coming from a third world country, you’d know what I mean)

Hamlet 2
Summary: A high school teacher (or was it a grade school teacher?) created a very interesting play that led him to be kicked out from the school he’s teaching. The play still pushed through with a lot of controversies.
Why you have to watch it: If you aren’t offended with anything (let’s see someone tells you you’re fugly good foh nothin’ biatch and you don’t react then you can watch this film) then this is the right movie for you. Basically, the premise of the film parodies all those high school films and the protagonist teacher ends out of the school since the play he’s having is really offensive. So, if you are ready to enjoy the song and dance number of Rape in the Face and Rock Me Sexy Jesus then try this one out.
Why not: Blasphemous film! Don’t watch it.


(ang dami palang presidential candidates for next year noh? Imagine niyo, yung pera sana na gagastusin nila para sa kanilang mga makenarya e mapunta na lang sana sa mga mamamayan. Ang problema kasi sa ating mga Pilipino malakas lang talaga ang apog, alam kasi nila na greed and power ang makukuha nila kaya kahit ano mangyari at kahit gaano kalaki ang gastusin nila. Ok lang sa kanila yun. Mababawi din naman nila yun pag nakaupo na sila e. Syet.)


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