Of the ohnotheydidn’t #

This is such good news not just to the geek comic boys but to the whole world as well. You see, Disney bought Marvel for piptin tawsan errr 4 billion dollars, there’s no difference in the price actually, and it is probably a good move for the two giant companies.

I won’t make jokes about this because I, too, am excited about the deal. I know we’d probably be waiting for two scenes in a Marvel movie from now on. One is waiting for that Stan Lee scene and obviously, we are going to look for that hidden Mickey scene, probably, in a Spider-man movie.

But wait; did I just say Spider-man? Disney can’t show Spidey along with Blade, X-men, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and The Punisher. Why? The franchises aren’t owned by Marvel Studio; Sadly.

So, I’m assuming, since Disney can afford to buy Marvel for billions then probably they can take Spidey away from Columbia pictures or X-men from 20th Century Fox.

They have to accept that fans are really clamoring for those Marvel Universe movies.

I iz hoping for a better than The Avengers movie come 2012.


A few things to do this month:

Buy a Brisingr book. Oh wait, National Bookstore just had its sale this past weekend. Woo-hoo! Fifty percent off for the hardbound and hooray for that; but wait there’s more, Fully Booked came out with a paperback version for three hundred thirty plus pesos. I guess waiting is not a shit.

Then, there’s Spring Awakening. This is a smash hit theatre play with music from kick-ass songwriter, Duncan Sheik. And from the information I’ve gathered, there’ll be sex on-stage! OMG. (C’mon man, grow up). Sex, ladies and gentlemen, sex! Hehehe.

I’m also waiting for Dan Brown’s upcoming new novel The Lost Symbol. I am expecting this one to have that Digital Fortress or Deception Point feel; the one where you’re already expecting the story. Hey, expect low and surprised high is my motto.

Finally, a killer comeback gig for a killer band, the Fatal Posporos! They’ll be playing tomolo at Saguijo. I iz hoping, I’ll be watching ‘em. (And then I find out in the Internet that they had a reunion last year. Along with Twisted Halo and Sugahfree.)


~ by targrod on September 1, 2009.

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