Of the R&R #

So last Saturday, we finally had the monthly OGM. This post is kind of boring in case you start to read it…

Even I am bored already.

“ADHD is starting to kick in”

“Ayan na…”


“Tapos na ang ADHD moment”

As I’ve said, it was great that OGM pushed through last month. I get to play games (omaygad. Ang tanda tanda mo na games pa din ang inaatupag mo. E bakit ang love may games… di ba? Games people play), a lot of them in just a day.

It started off with something about guns and playing killer-police. I forgot the title of the game. I’m sorry. The objective is for you to gain the most money at the end of eight rounds (see. This shit is actually boring when I write about it. Really.) And that’s it.

Then, we played something that is related with different trains and shit. Ok, please omit the shit stuff. This one is actually fun. You get to connect a lot of trains. And that’s it. But loads of fun it is. (as I’ve said, writing shit like this is really boring. You have to play the game to enjoy it.)

Next was Once Upon A Time, a definite game not for us definite people. This is quite fun actually. There are a lot of cards in a deck and there are words per card. The first person to end the story wins. For example, if you have eight cards that are composed of the witch, beautiful, well, princess, frog, hidden, flower, beggar and you end up with something like this:

“There was a beautiful witch who was a frog before and she has a sister of a princess who has a virgin flower and then the hidden beggar came and asked them to do the baddie, threesome style.”

And then you end it with “And unwanted children were born happily, and some aren’t, ever after”. Well, if you get this final card then you win.

Obviously, the game is much cleaner when we should’ve played it and you get interrupted when you’re not making any sense. Much like with what I wrote above.

Finally, I brought a game I bought (aaah I used brought and bought in one sentence. Nice! Dapat buyed…) at the Podium. Since I am an admitted movie geek, I got this game that relates to six degrees of separation.

Sample is how would you connect Cesar Montano and Harrison Ford? First, you get their managers and you get a producer and you need money, of course…


So, the answer for that is Cesar Montano is connected to Josh Hartnett with the movie the Great Escape (tama ba title?) and Josh Hartnett is connected to Harrison Ford with the movie Hollywood Homicide.

That’s a connection of two movies and you roll a die before your round and you get to deduct the number of connected movies to that and whoever has the highest score wins.

And it is not only the actors that you’re connecting; it is possible that you get movies to connect to by rolling the other die. The time limit per round is three minutes.

The version of the game that I got is quite old actually, around twelve years ago. And right now, I’ll be updating the game (fuck with intellectual property rights issues) and I’ll add actors and actresses in this decade.

I thought this game would suck but it didn’t.



I really hate the word “sale”. You get to buy stuff and shit even if you don’t want to.


~ by targrod on September 2, 2009.

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