Of the 11-5 #

It sucks if you’re waiting for one of your favorite directors to create and show a new movie and then when you watch it, you’d want to cry because it fell short or it ended dud-dy.

Then, there’s the surprise film. I’m not talking about those horror thriller films but those films where you end up loving a bit, some, or all of it.

And remakes are always ICU stuff. They’re fifty-fifty.


The Taking Of Pelham 123
Summary: A remake of a hostage drama-action tv-movie in a train… and a train station. You can switch the ideas if you want to.
Why you have to watch it: There’s John Travolta and Denzel Washington in one picture, what more can you ask for?
Why not: Despite the fact that this movie got me glued, I ended up asking myself, “Oh, that’s why John Travolta’s not into much movies anymore. I’ve already seen that look in Face / Off”. And I don’t see the purpose of why they had to add the problems of Denzel’s character? I think the sole purpose of killing people and Denzel act, as a hero is enough. So, the script said that the character act as an anti-hero. Yeah, right. Hello Die Hard?

Summary: Before the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, there was this movie by Peter Jackson. Yes, a film about zombies. (I didn’t bother much to extend the summary since all zombie stories are practically the same except probably for this one and Shaun Of The Dead.)
Why you have to watch it: One of the most amusing films I’ve seen this year. I didn’t actually watch it as a whole because I was doing something else when I was trying to watch this but given the chance, I’d try to sit down and watch this mainly because zombie films in this style is remarkably funny. The best part of it all is the zombie fuck and the zombie baby. Oh, that’s why they came up with that Bad Biology B-movie. Magnificent.
Why not: For the sole reason that if you find zombie films stupid and time consuming then don’t watch this. And if you want rom-coms, I assure you this is not it.

I’m Reed Fish
Summary: This is a “true-to-life” story of the person who made this film, Reed Fish. Watch him fall in love all over again. Or fall out of love, whatever is the case.
Why you have to watch it: First off, a nice soundtrack. Second, I’m a sucker with these kinds of b-movie type rom-coms. So, if you’ve enjoyed Dickie Roberts or How to Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, then you might like this one. Oh, Shiri Appleby is pretty in this film too. And you’d understand why homo sapien’s eyes widen.
Why not: There is some dragging scenes and the girls might not scream with joy with the leading man. He is not that gwapo.

Drag Me To Hell
Summary: Oh god, I really don’t remember the whole story of this film. Well, if I remember correctly it is about a person who needs to be dragged to hell or something in that sense. (Holy fucking crap. What kind of movie reviewer are you? Well, I only watch wonderful crappy movies and not just crappy movies in general. Thank you.)
Why you have to watch it: The scene where the bungal lola-monster tried to make-kagat our heroine. And Sam Raimi directed this one. Go figure.
Why not: First off, go back to being a cult director, Mr. Sam Raimi. That’s why we love your Evil Dead trilogy (and that’s why the Army Of Darkness is in my top ten movies of all time and you helped Bruce Campbell make a name in the wild world of showbiz) and probably Spider-man as a whole and a few scenes from Spider-man 3 and what? What Spider-man 2? I had high hopes for this one. And wait for my The Grudge 3 review. (lol)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Summary: A couple got lost in the woods and ended up in the transvestite world of the Transylvanians.
Why you have to watch it: Despite with what you’ve heard, this movie is not just for drag queens and such. If you are a real film lover, you shouldn’t miss this one. A musicale, a geeky film-referenced film, a young Meatloaf, a young Susan Sarandon, an awesome soundtrack, a bisexual antagonist, what more can you ask for?
Why not: If you’re not at ease with your sexuality, especially if you are a guy, I recommend that you don’t watch this wonderful cult film. (though I know that you’d want to see that boob slip. Oops.)


Then there are the wonderful Children of the Corn, the awful sequel The Cell 2, the movie that I still can’t understand A Room With A View, the four movie shorts Southern Winds, the u-huh Terminator: Salvation, the booze film The Lost Weekend, and the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


I have been going to this site, time and again.
And then I found out about this, just recently.
And then you’d see one of his entries about this.

I guess I’m not the only one who is clamoring for a better Filipino film industry. We’ve managed to end up with around 20 films per year? And there is other stuff there that made my eyes open.

When will we learn that history and heritage is important for a supposedly cultural country like ours? I’ve been missing in a lot of Filipino films and we don’t even have a respectable film library. If only we Filipinos love our own films then a wishful thinking blog is probably non-existent.

And RIP Mr. Tioseco.


~ by targrod on September 3, 2009.

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