Of the bigs #

Don’t you just hate it when you have something in you that you’re too lazy to remove it but you have to remove it because you’ll look stupid?

I have this itty bitty small patch of un-haired part in the bigote region and I can’t grow bigote as I used to. I have to shave and shave and shave and I’ll be missing the Val Sotto look at home.

As I’ve never wore the Super Mario or Luigi look outside of this house.

Because every time I kiss a girl I always get the same response, “masakit…”


So, instead of Noynoy running, I guess the best presidential bet for now is Kris Aquino. I think she was joking about running for public office a few weeks ago and in case she becomes serious with this one then I’m going to vote for her (despite the fact that our area doesn’t require voting during elections, go figure.)

Think about it. She’s transparent and we know her already. She can command people. She has more balls with all the presidentiables combined. She is a college graduate. And her parents are two of the political figures this country has produced.

Record books will rise up with joy. She’ll be known as the youngest president ever. Our first gentleman is a basketball player. And our first family will be so unique; we can beat the George W. Bush out of the loon.

She can head a session of the United Nations and ask every one if they’re ready for chorum and she’ll say, “Game na ba kayo?” Or she can ask money from the World Bank and say, “Deal or no deal!” (I think it should be the other way around, she has to be a contestant in case this happens.)


It is so sad to see Mar step down. I know you’ve hated him with his actions during Cory’s wake.

I’m happy at the same time about Korina and her “political ambitions” for him. She was sad when she found out that Mar is stepping down.

Binay is stepping down too for the VP position to Erap. In relation with this, you’ve probably heard of the death of Mr. Tioseco, the Fil-Can guy. They were saying that the death was something to do with the housekeep. Well, if you’re familiar with the Dacer-Corbito case then… ‘nuff said.

We are practically left with crap, save probably for Bayani. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.


I’m watching Windstruck right now and I finally remembered how the guy died. Ayuunn.


~ by targrod on September 5, 2009.

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