Of the district #

It doesn’t matter where you are. Every where you go, you’ll see something unfair whether it be realistic or purely fantasy. It might be different in all senses, discrimination, racial dispute, xenophobe, social segregation, it all ends up the same.

This is where we find Wikus van de Merwe, an MNU operative who was assigned to evict the aliens of District 9. But during the eviction he was accidentally transformed into a part-alien by an alien canister. He was then taken by the MNU people to be tested and experimented because of his transformation. He was able to escape the MNU headquarters and was he able to save himself from everything else?

District 9 is a wonderful mix of mockumentary, witty humour, gore, and some good ol’ kick-ass CGI action. Mixing this up with a wonderful script and Peter Jackson, this film helped us indicate that despite a syfy theme, something like this can still teach us that even aliens can feel and experience the harsh reality of unfair treatment.

You see, this film was inspired by “historical events that took place in South Africa during the apartheid in a residential area of Cape Town named District Six”, as written in our dear old Wikipedia.

The film was intelligently crafted from the way it started when Wikus, a goofy individual, introduced and informed us, through mockumentary, on how the aliens or “prawns” are living in a god-forsaken place. His shift of personally was shown when he was being transformed into a “prawn” by giving us less punchline and instead showing us that anyone can be a hero after all.

Then, there’s the evil corporation, that the only important thing in this world for them is power and greed, hello Garci anyone? Up until the end, it doesn’t matter on how many people die as long as they get what they want. This is the part where the prawns are more humane than us, sadly.

Basically, the movie is a very serious Men in Black film. If you want a syfy version of Hotel Rwanda or Tsotsi, then this film is just for you. And hands down, this is one of the best films of the year.


I did include the gore element above since Peter Jackson gave us Braindead and if you’ve seen that film, you’ll never wonder why the gore was included in District 9.

It was also stated in Wiki that this film was adapted from a 2005 short film, Alive In Joburg with Neill Blomkamp as the same director as District 9.

And lastly, it was nice to see, feel, and hear that the aliens suddenly became the lesser being. They are smart in the film too, it came to a point that both species where able to understand the written words and the oral voices without using any translation (the only translation were just thrown to the viewers.

I was so used to aliens as the Supreme Being. I never thought that the aliens can be just like us. It was a refreshing thought.


~ by targrod on September 5, 2009.

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