Of the rec #

Before watching films in a movie house you’d usually get trailers.

Some people hate trailers. Some people love them. I’m a member of the latter. I love watching trailers and I don’t know why.

Probably, just probably, the way where even the suckiest films can be great in a matter of one, two, or three minutes…

And sometimes you just have to say, “Akala ko maganda yung movie, ang ganda kasi nung trailer…”


Basing the following on trailers before watching the feature film earlier, here’s my recap on what I’ve seen: (remember that I’ve only seen the trailer once so there is a great possibility that I will not remember the stars or the plot, only the title of the movie.)

The Rebound – I’m fairly sure that this is not a follow-up to Mr. Lawrence’s kiddie basketball film. It looks good. And the somewhat memorable line is, “You read Harry Potter on your free time.” Alright!
The Ugly Truth – I’m trying to remember this one. I think the guy from 300 is in here. We are? Spartans!!!!
Surrogates – No, there’s no such thing as a Surro place with a Surro gate. We have Bruce Willis for this one and a freakin’ wig. He’s like a robot in this film. Fairly futuristic, I might say.
Sorority Row – Remember I Know What You Did Last Summer where they killed a person and all of them are being haunted a few months or years after? Well, here’s an all female version. That’s why the title is Sorority Row. I’m so smart noh?
Inglourious Basterds – No further inquiries your honour!
Whiteout – A fairly forgettable film. I can’t remember this one.
2012 – Stars John Cusack. I have one wish. Remember the The Da Vinci Code trailers where the title had some awesome CGI? 2012 did this too and I’m hoping so bad that this doesn’t follow the suckiness of DVC. Besides, the people of The Day After Tomorrow did this, so this one is interesting. Hopefully.
Red Cliff – Another one of those epic Chinese films. Ho-hum.
Ang Darling Kong Aswang – MMFF is way four months away and Vic Sotto is giving us an early treat. Guess What? Richie D Horsie is back! Again!
Wapakman – Anak ng pating. Pacquaio movie. Shit.


Watching a free movie in the Shang brings back a lot of memories.

And it kind of improved when I fell in line (heh) yesterday. The event was well coordinated. There were less unruly people though, by looking at the people, was fairly different due to the different age range who watched the film. I can say this because mostly college students fell in line (heh) during my time.

Sad to say and I’m hoping I am wrong, people lined-up because the movie is free. I do hope they appreciated these films. Why? Well, for the simple reason that these were shown due, probably, to its box-office places in their respective countries such as Spain and some other European country that are part of Cine Europa group or something in that sense.

So, I did watch [REC] yesterday and the movie was refreshing in a sense that…


A much unexpected film like this would end up with another one of those infected or zombie films for the North American audience. The director or the scriptwriter made the very ingenious way of using a handheld or a mobile camera to create scary scenes. With the tricks they used, it paved for a very well scare to the audience.

Surprisingly, though I’ve seen a Spanish snuff film (not the real one, entitled Thesis) before, the gore looked so real that the people in this film would be mistakenly dead by now.

The protagonist looked sweet and fresh and yummy and sweet and sour and salty… err…


The protagonist looked sweet at first and in the end a dull early morning program ended with…

The movie has plot holes but the way the movie was delivered was quite acceptable in my taste. Being a person whose first love is horror, I was able to feel the wrath of the movie somehow. And probably, the build-up is a nice touch that gave us that ending. The limited number of actors gave us an un-Romero type of film that made it good.

The Cine Europa people will still be here till the 20th. Yes, you can still catch it. It will take a few minutes or an hour of your time and getting the ticket will take you much longer. Bring a book or a momol friend if you want.


I’ve decided long ago… never to walk in anyone’s shadow…


I’ve decided to just DL the rest of the films shown in Cine Europa 12.

And someone will get giddy, found out that there’s [Rec] 2. Alright!


~ by targrod on September 13, 2009.

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