Of the Catnip #

This one’s kinda spoilery… yeah.


The morality of a society disappears when it is absolutely needed.

Well, I made that one up and it is actually true in some extent but we can’t actually always be like that since we are luckily called a homo sapien. I know you’d probably say that it happened before. Genocide, mass suicide; remember?

I won’t dwell much on that, I just gave you the idea on the background of Suzanne Collins’ book The Hunger Games.

The story is quite simple. A broken society controlled by a government called the Capitol celebrates an annual festivity called the Hunger Games wherein the twelve districts have to enter two participants or tributes into the competition. Then, these twenty four tributes enter a very big arena and fight off the other tributes in terms of survival. The games end when there is only one victor standing.

It is quite simple, right? Remember Battle Royale? It is much like this but this one is on a smaller scale and the participants are actually aware of the event unlike BR’s way of picking classes where the bad class gets it.

Enter a heroine, Katniss, who is giving us her view point of the story. Summarizing her persona in the book, it is quite refreshing. Think of Bella of Twilight then turn it a hundred eighty degrees. And that’s it. That’s our heroine. And that made the book good IMHO.

Because I am tired of the damsel in distress; it is time for the babe to kick some ass and probably save her boytoy that might help her with the Games. Confusing? Yes, But not actually.

The Hunger Games itself is presented as if it serves two purposes. One, to teach the people of the districts a lesson due to a failed rebellion and number two, to tell the people that this is actually a celebration and watching teens die on national television is a good thing for all of them.

Oh, did I say that the contestants are mere teens? That’s why I automatically compared this story with the Manga mentioned above.

I love the heart of the book. I almost cried twice; one when an ally died and the other when it was all for the show. If you read the book, you’d get my point. And you’d tell me what a wuss I am and I don’t care. I felt the death mind you and it is very rare for me to cry while reading a book, hello Albus.

Then, the actual Hunger Games itself is like a big show ala Demolition Man where the contestants have to show their skills, ranked with their skills during the pre-training, they have to suit up for the sponsors because they are actually going to get some help inside the arena if the sponsors love what they’re doing, and there’s actually a pre and post interview for the contestants and the winners, respectively.

And it is quite funny that everything is just a show even though that they are actually forcing kids to kill other kids. And it is quite a fascinating story.

My friend informed me that the trilogy should not be placed in the Young Adult section.

I definitely agree.


Oh yeah, I didn’t cringe much when I read this. Hooray for moi.


~ by targrod on September 16, 2009.

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