Of the rocks! #

F1 in Singapore is fast approaching. I know a lot of people have already booked and shit and stuff. I should’ve booked because I want to watch two things.

1.    The race.
2.    The concert.

It is actually easy to go to Singapore and I’d probably plan this trip for next year. Though I will surely miss the concert but before that…

I want to watch the race too. The problem is my favorite driver, Fernando Alonso na hindi kamag-anak ni Anthony Alonso, is not placing in any of the races. But it is still ok.

Going back to the concert, I caught sight of this when I was walking near Robinson’s Galleria, the one perpendicularly aligned with EDSA. It took me four instances when I found one of the performers.

But before that again, I looked for that certain poster in the Internet, the one found in Robinson’s, and I was unable to find it. This is the latest poster:

This is awesome right? We have:
And N.E.R.D.

As stated in the poster, and the “the more” part is the most interesting… Why?

Well, for one, we have Rivermaya playing.

For sure, they will suck. C’mon. Rico Blanco brought this group up. With him out of the scene, I’m sure those high pitched Rivermaya songs will be taken out of the bands gig list or probably make those songs, well, sucky.

And the purpose of me writing this shit here is… The Backstreet Boys are performing in Singapore!!!


Why didn’t I see that F1 Rocks Concert poster early? I am Drowning right now. I could’ve gone Anywhere For me. And I should’ve gotten a ride to that event because I Want It That Way.

Tell Me Why?


~ by targrod on September 17, 2009.

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