Of a quickbite #

I think I have to pick up my date problems.

No, it has nothing to do with the yihee date or the date fruit but I should get back on me being aware on what day it is, etc. I should use my planner more often like what I’ve been doing for years.

The problem is laziness.

Like what happened to me last Saturday, I thought Dek’s party is on the 20th or this past Sunday but lo and behold it was going to be held last Saturday. Thank God he texted me at four in the afternoon or else I’ll be going nowhere on Sunday.

Just what my mom told me, “You’re too busy on yourself that you’re not aware of the outside world.”

Me thinks this me bit should be taken out of my system. When is the time when me is out? I’m not asking for it right now, this is more of those what if moments. In this case the word when is used. Duh.


This is kind of unbelievable for me but in my age, and my peer’s ages, we shouldn’t be discussing about sickness and diseases. Though I don’t want to use the word disease much, it sounds so STD-ish.

In addition, food should always be available and it should be abundant or plenty.

The food remark has no point actually or it doesn’t constitute to any intelligent conversation. Like this.


I’d like to thank Fandom Café, Scholastics, National Bookstore and Meann for the The Hunger Games LARP last Sunday. It was really fun. Whoever thought of those events should be praised and given a hosting job in Wowowee.


(and luckily, momma didn’t tell me the result of the LARP, or else I might’ve acted differently)


Book fairs are evil.

EVIL = First day of the event.

It was good to be there on the last day. At least you know that the good titles are probably out of the area and you know you’ll be smiling when you go home because you didn’t spend much in the event.

Oh and there’s new Trese compilation coming out. Alright!


And I miss the good ol’ days of our choir.

The feeling of an impromptu event with a handful of people is not the same.

It really sucks to get old.

I’m looking forward for December though.


~ by targrod on September 21, 2009.

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