Of the untagged #

Trending topics in Twitter is simply remarkable. That is one part of Twitter where you’ll always be updated with any of the worldwide topics that can be shared to you…

Let me see… what the top topic is for today…

Marge Simpson!


Wow. Marge Simpson will pose for Playboy. How informative.



Aside from that I got news that Paranormal Activity is a good movie. Since my Internet has survived the muddy flood in our area (PLDT modem was submerged in mud and then forcibly submerged in tap water and then I waited for around two weeks to use it again. *voila* it is broken… err… still working. As if that matters).


It seems that The Hunger Games Trilogy fans are rising slowly. I lent mine to Milan and she liked it. I also read that one of my PHP friends, find it good too.

Ergo, if this is made into a movie and it coincides with a movie based on Twilight, do you think Katniss can kick Bella’s lady butt?


So, after the flood and all people would always say that, “at least every one is safe and alive” I think they are right. And every time I say everything was lost, I will always hear the words “gamit lang yan, mababawi niyo lahat yan”

That your honour is not entirely true.

I’ve been suckier than thou with memories and a lot of the items I have are mostly related to my past or anything that can be used to reminisce.

All my DLSU newspapers are officially trash.
All my first released Pugad Baboy and Beerkada compilations are officially trash.
Anything related to my college years, Php, Beerkadet and other letters from friend and eherm… loved ones are officially trash.
All cassette tapes are officially trash.

So, basically all things that are made of paper or anything that can’t be liquid-fied are all trash.

I’m also throwing out books.

I don’t think I can make bawi those things.

I am basically left with almost no memories and I think I have to start my memories with something new.

This memory is killing me. I’m sure I won’t forget Ondoy.


~ by targrod on October 10, 2009.

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