Of the pls? #

I finally found something that I need you, if you want to, to help me with. It’s not really that big and it is fairly simple.

I need to rehabilitate my mud-drenched books. I threw a handful already.

But I still have quite a number of books, comic compilations, and other forms of paper at home. Our house can’t contain all of these pieces for rehabilitation and I have to tend with my cd, vcd, and dvd collection since it will take a while for me to clean and check each and every one of those.

So, would you like to help me?


I got this idea from Jessica Zafra. She didn’t really say that I have to ask my friends’ help in recovering books but I got the idea from her and, I say, that it is a wonderful idea.

She also included in her article on how to fix the books.

For me, it is plain and simple; I just want the book to look presentable.

Hopefully the pages would be ironed out. Mud would be taken out; and if ever it is possible, in case the book is ugly as hell, bookbind it.

Just message me if you’re willing to help.

For the love of books and literary art forms.

And for my PHP friends, you’d probably cry with my six hardbound HP books. (you might ask, what happened with the other one? Someone borrowed it and he hasn’t returned the book to me yet. Which is good actually, at least the book is safe.)


And I also have to accept the fate of my comics. I am hereby declaring them in no mint condition.

Mud-drenched if you want.


~ by targrod on October 12, 2009.

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