Of the deviledconscience #

So, here’s a quick rundown on the Ondoy news two weeks ago. Around 300+ people were killed by Ondoy. The military “helped” people during the aftermath which includes them doing some “ronda”.

Basically, that’s a lot of bull. Call me a conspiracy theorist or shit but my mom informed me that there were a few people who were able to see what really happened at Ortigas Extension Avenue.

And to add a few more sources such as the priests who blessed the individuals.

Our government is acting like the CIA. I’m presuming that this Teodoro is really intelligent. Why? They didn’t disclose the actual number of dead people killed by Ondoy.

Well, for obvious reasons. To avoid panic and for economic reasons too like if the area doesn’t need bad publicity right now for the real estate developers and even the commercial centers; for the sole reason that the government is receiving tax from these people, way bigger than the usual Juan De La Cruz.

Now, the family that is helping us up until now informed us that there were a lot of body bags on the near-Lifehomes bridge. You see, that area is for the economically challenged people. Those people that live under the bridge and beside the creek. Yes, most of them could’ve died. And that’s why the military was there.

They weren’t there to really help us, the people but instead they’re just there to do the clean-up operations. It was all of a hush hush of course, who would want to remember those body bags? Well, a kid who saw it will be haunted with its images, forever.

And that’s why these military people were just there, kibitzing. They weren’t keen on helping people. They were doing the clean-up operations. That’s why no food or water was thrown from the assessing helicopters. They were looking for dead people. And our headcount would probably amount to 600 dead people.

How did we know the actual estimated number of dead people? As I’ve mentioned earlier the priests could’ve accumulated all the dead bodies that they’ve blessed.

At least they blessed them.


Here’s the funny thing with our government. A lot of countries and companies have already pledged money to us. So, where’s the accountability of all those donated to us? Are you going to use it for next year’s elections and all our banks won’t feel scared anymore since you guys have the money anyway?

Come on. Show us the money. We want to know where the money went. It is as simple as grade four Mathematics.

And then the headline in The Philippine Star says that our president is begging for money from the rich nations.



~ by targrod on October 14, 2009.

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