Of the Kkon2k9 #

I guess it would be hard for us, here in the Philippines, to come up with something like the San Diego Komikon. I guess there are two things that affect this. One is a very big venue and the second one would be the marshmallow test phail.

We tend to create a lot of festivities annually and that’s why we have a lot of feasts in our country.

Now, I will surely remember Komikon during Octobers. I think this is a good benchmark for the cartoonists and artists to show their new works. At least people would be just saving up for October and the Summer Komikon will just be a “minor” event for people who missed the October version or who weren’t able to buy certain items during October.

But that is just my opinion.


So, who said the comics industry is dying?

After the effing typhoons, some or most people had to give their real lives to the fantasy world for just an hour or two. I don’t care if the said event is just a means for me to escape reality. I know it is helping and I’m glad I went there.

And the verdict for the crap that I got is:

First stop is Alanguilan and Esmeña’s Where Bold Stars Go To Die. Since I already threw out a muddied Heavy Metal, I was able to grab this local “for mature readers only” comic. I must say, with the storyline that was given, there was a certain depth that really developed from the old style of storytelling. And after watching Spring Awakening, I guess reading someone spanking his monkey is not that much of a biggie for me.

We follow it up with a comic entitled Underpass made by a few known people such as Alanguilan and Tan. Basically, the comic gives us four short horror stories that aren’t really related with each other. One gives us murder, the other monster killer, then there’s one with Mananggal, and the last one is about technology. I personally liked the manananggal and the cellphone story. I’m assuming these guys would do more of this kind of work.

Then, we have Abrera’s Kiko Machine 12. If Pol Medina introduced to us a hefty 250 bucks for his tenth compilation of Pugad Baboy then we have this one doubled the price. It feels kind of different for Abrera to come up with this 12 all visual short short stories using expensive paper. It was like reading those MAD non-worded panels but this one’s funny in a blackish comedy-ish weird kind of way. I just wish that Abrera would come up with a graphic novel because I’m not really at ease with his latest work. I need to laugh right now, you know.

Speaking of laughter, watching David’s Kubori Kikiam Motion Comic (strip), is a sure fire way of lightening up the crowd. This one is offensive and if you want more of it you might want to buy the latest compilation, entitled Best Things In Life. Apparently, not all those best things in life are actually free, well, except for the video. So, if you want to read more of what you’ll see in the video then, go grab the compilation.

The third “compilation” of Tan and Baldisimo’s Trese is simply put it… awesome. It was nice for them to look back and tell us the back story of the whole Trese story that includes the father, the family, the twins, and the whole dark story. As much as the fans are probably clamoring for more, more, and more Trese stories; if the story wouldn’t give us this quality that we are looking for then it is really better to wait; because everything is all worth it. Or something in that sense.

And ho-hum… did I miss anything. Oh yeah, buy Go-beerkada: The Rise Of The Jologs. Come on, that’s Lyndon’s work, just buy it you doofus.


I missed the whole set of Giniling Festival. I love their music. It was nice to see a few familiar faces in the event.

Till next year?

(E mapuputikan lang naman lahat ng lintek na komiks na yan e…)

~ by targrod on October 19, 2009.

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