Of the hay… #

A month has passed and it seems that everything is back to normal.


They say that the hardest part ended when the water was virtually evaporated on the streets. They say that we were all lucky to be alive. Etc etc etc.

Yeah, I think the idea of being alive is partially correct but this is not as easy as what it looks like.

A change of lifestyle, for me, can be defined in two different ways. One is an accepted change where you resign or you change habitat where you planned this for a certain amount of time. Let’s say months or even years.

The second one is a forced change where you adapt to what you currently have in your environment.

Obviously, it is the latter that is affecting us right now.

At my age, I can say that somehow it is not really hard or easy for me. I am almost really healthy so I have nothing to think much about. I’m not really a materialistic kind of person even though that I have a lot of collections. I don’t save a lot of money just to buy an expensive gadget. I just go with the flow. And to add, my conscience will probably kick me in the head if I bought something expensive and I don’t even help out at home.

Makes sense?

Now, what saddens me right now is my mom who has to adjust. In fact, she has been deeply depressed that you’d probably notice it right away. It took her a month to cook because she doesn’t want to see our dirty kitchen. And she’s gloomy most of the times.

Thank God I haven’t been stricken much of the post Ondoy depression, I try to cheer her up whenever I see her. I see to it that I don’t go out much lately to help out at home. And yeah, I really try to make this house happy again.

Funny thing is whenever I check out our front door, I see this sign “Home Sweet Home” and I could just grin with an affect of an insult but of course, I shouldn’t be affected much by it. Hey, I’m just human.

Yeah, it is easy to say if you weren’t hit by a tragedy. Today, it is a different ballgame.


On a bright side but really really sad news, Game knb had its last episode last Friday. I wasn’t even aware that they’re ending the season this early. I mean people really watched this when there was the Atras Abante round or even the Jeopardy type game but changing it to “wet the contestant” made the show stupid.

We don’t need to wet the contestants since we already have a game show in channel 7 hosted by Michael and Ogie.

How I wished I should’ve joined that Jeopardy type of Game knb?

Or why don’t they bring in Jeopardy in the Philippines?



K! The 1 million Peso Videoke challenge had a reformat. They changed it to Bandaoke.


It was like they took the idea from Cesar Montano’s Singing Bee (concept) and Mag:net’s Rockeoke (name).

They even coined it as a rock and roll to millions.

And then one of the songs sung earlier was Backstreet Boy’s Shape Of My Heart.

So. What the fuck?

Well, at least the concept was well made.


~ by targrod on October 25, 2009.

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