Of the blok #

First off, congratulations to Manong Manny Pacquiao for winning the fight against Cotto; aside from the usual jokes such as “Manny may natiris na Cotto” or “Manny being the Lord of The Ring”, we are actually bombarded by reality where Manny had a concert after the bout; Mommy Dionisia praying and I can’t believe that we are actually calling her mommy; and Will Ferrell sitting with Mark Wahlberg while watching the fight.

Second, Manny the politician is the shit and fuck combined. I actually love Manny the boxer; Manny the singer; Manny the actor; and even Manny the celebrity man-whore. But Manny the politician is not actually a hit for me. For obvious reasons, I’m sure most of you will agree. I did buy the latest Time issue. I thought they did that just because we have Manny the boxer but that wasn’t much of what they were trying to go to. I didn’t actually finish reading the article. I’m just not at ease with Manny the politician. I think he should venture more on the Manny the actor. I wapak-ly approve of that.


Last Saturday, my small clan went to the cemetery to “celebrate” my lola’s twentieth death anniversary. I didn’t go to the senteryo, as my niece playfully says it, last All Souls Day.

After going to the senteryo, we went to Max’s to eat and we were able to talk about the upcoming Christmas clan party slash reunion.

We didn’t know where it would be held. So, Tito Danny, the eldest, gave this suggestion.

If Manny wins on the first to the third round, it will be held in their residence. If he wins on the fourth to the sixth round, it will be held in Tito Aqui’s house. If Manny wins from seventh to twelfth, the party will be held at our house. And if Manny lost, we’ll do it at Tito Gary’s house.

I informed this to my Tito who lives abroad, and told me that if there was a draw, we’ll do it there. I do wish the result was a draw.

Now, did you know that Manny is a demi-god in this country? Apparently, saying the words “kung matalo si Manny” would give us dagger looks by the people around us.


There was an article referring to the Filipino hope and Manny Pacquaio. It was amusing in some sense and really serious in another. If Manny runs for the senatorial race, he will win.


~ by targrod on November 16, 2009.

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