Of the relaylay #

Life is certainly amusing and you can’t stop and think of all the things that are happening in your life. It gives you the shit most of the time but it is always up to you how you’ll bounce back. It is a sort of an ugly joke played to us by the omni-forces that we are always left helpless. It doesn’t matter though; if we treat these as experiences then we are in for a treat. I guess that’s the awesome part about it. It helps us learn and grow.

Only if we allowed ourselves to learn and to grow…

I UD’d the word ‘relationship’ and found some amusing and horrifying definitions, a few of them are:

“The reason for 70% of suicides in America.” (Ex. Stan ended his life because of a faulty relationship.)
“a trap”
“The Ability To Put Up With Somone Elses Bullshit, Usually Of The Opposite Sex, For a Long Period Of Time.”

That reality hits us hard is really the bullshit so how about giving us the ordinary description of the word ‘relationship’, coming from wiki and we’ll be using intimate relationship for this one:

“An intimate relationship is a particularly close interpersonal relationship. It is a relationship in which the participants know or trust one another very well or are confidants of one another, or a relationship in which there is physical or emotional intimacy.”

I guess the best definition I could give is a relationship consists mainly of dealing the worst of the other person. If you’re good with that, then congratulations, you are in a relationship.


I’ve wanted to put up with a lot of relationship posts but I’ll be doing the nip-slip once in a while. Having a lot of write-time is a winner for moi.

And another factor for this is I’ve been listening to the Top Ten’s You Are In A Bad Relationship topic. Sweet.


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~ by targrod on November 17, 2009.

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