Of the flopped #

I just remembered this one yesterday. I was able to catch Spring Awakening last month and I noticed that there were a lot of empty seats in the area. I mean it was just re-scheduled a lot of time due to a fortuitous event.

Now, hear me here. Heh heh. If people wanted to watch this theater play then, at least, the area would somehow be full packed. If I remember it correctly the full packed portion of the theatre is the one’s onstage. Where they saw the *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

Yeah, yeah. They saw his buttocks and her groin area.

Lol @ groin.

If they wanted the show a big hit and that girl who had her groin shown on the audience, then I have a suggestion.

In case they’re planning to do a re-run.

They should use Sitti Navarro for that role. Even if she only played a minor role in the theatre, at least this time she can do the main role. And she doesn’t have to use that fake boob.

It can be billed as “Spring Awakening: Sitti showing her Cat skillz”.


That Efren Penaflorida, Jr. guy, the one who won (plz repeat one who won until your tongue gets tied up) the CNN hero of the year; congratulations to you man! You deserve the win.

I read from some celebrity’s tweet that he should be admired for his non-government work. And politicians should follow his lead.

If he and Manny runs for VP and Prez respectively they could win, noh?


The New Moon heat is still on…

Why don’t you vote muna…

Hahaha. plugger…

~ by targrod on November 22, 2009.

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