Of the sadness #

People were saying that it was better than the first one. I can’t really agree much on what “they” are saying. I think there was no recall value when I watched the first one and that’s why here’s what I think of the second film.

On a person who didn’t read the book, the movie sure is one hell of a boring film. There are slow films but this one is really boring. Even the supposedly excited scenes, the one with wolf movements where Mr. Dolby Digital reverberate your loins, it didn’t affect much. It looked dull.

Well, it may just be me but I was really trying to be objective when I was watching the film. Probably, there were a lot of non-dialogue scenes to increase the film’s length; or some great location shots that could’ve saved the film but there are a lot of missing elements if they wanted to call this a film.

It was depressing in a sense and it could’ve been better if the other characters could’ve stood out. I think Alice is the only good thing in the film. Other than that they we’re saying that Bella’s character was improved compared to the last one but still there is still something missing.

And if you just watched the film, why the hell is Bella acting hysterics, a guy just left him.

Now, for the people who read the book; I guess it was faithful though the book was really more exciting than the one in the moving reel.

The Edward character has lost its touch albeit the actor, Robert Pattinson, tells the world that he hates the character after one or two films. So, why do it? For money? Man, you are wasting our time then.

It was so obvious in the movie theater, no gasps or giggle when the Bella-Edward scene is in focus. Even the lovey-dovey scenes; I think there is really something wrong there.

It was all worth it for the Bella-Jacob scenes, if you’re a girl, for an obvious reason that there are loud female chuckles inside the cinema.

And I just don’t get it, it seems that every time there is a Bella-Edward or Bella-Jacob scene, Bella is just looking at the guy’s chest. Why?

I don’t know. Something is really wrong here. There weren’t even any tension when the three of them were conversing in the jungle.

Yeah, it must be me.


That’s why I enjoyed the movie. =)


~ by targrod on November 22, 2009.

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