Of the hohurm #

Masters of Horror, a television series in the United States is not as much fun as Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes. For obvious reasons, I’ve been trying to look for the best scream films. Ergo, I can’t wait to catch Paranormal Activity in a real movie house. I’ve seen it using a torrent and I guess the best part of it is the feel.

Take note: Never to sit in front. You’ll ruin your eyes.


I’ll be forever shameless-plugging PFZ. I am enjoying the site actually. I browsed one of those topblog sites and there are a handful of people out there who are really watching films not fed to us by our local cinemas.

I have a lot of ideas in mind and it I guess I just have to post entries every day. I found in one of the sites that in order to increase the traffic of a website, there should be a minimum of three posts per day.

In line with that, any one else who enjoys films and posts it in any of the microblogging or blogging sites then you might want to check out PFZ and give a contribution.

My aim is to reach out to us Filipinos that there are actually good films out there and there’s no such thing as “Wala na kong mapanood sa bahay.”


I originally wanted to create an entry filled with images but I’m so wasted right now that I can just write about it.

(This is in case Manny and Mother Dionisia has a film ratings battle. Or if Mother’s film ends up in MMFF. Or my facts are just wicked. Pfft.)

You see, and I think, the mother and the son are having their own respective films come MMFF. The mother joins Ai-ai and the son is a superhero.

So, by December a comparison of the two films will surely emerge and here are suggestions for the qualifications for the match up:

–    action sequence
–    timing and comedy appeal
–    historical impact
–    film recall
–    box office return
–    effectiveness of acting
–    steaminess of sex scene

As i’ll be trying to re-live my quest of watching all the MMFF films; this one’s surely a cringe-fest. Indeed.


~ by targrod on November 25, 2009.

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