Of the 950345 #

The ice skating rink in SM Megamall melted. Now now now, where did it go? It is sad to see that such a landmark has left the mall without even telling me.

(Ni hindi man lang nag-email. Paano na ang mga emo kids?)

Where can they blitzkrieg next?

Will they go back to the old-school turf wars in Shangri-la?

(Abangan… dun dun dun dun.)


The Beatles Rockband for PS3 is extremely expensive. It costs around 25K in Toy Kingdom.

I do know that we’re just paying for royalties? When will they go cheap?

If Queen Elizabeth sells her clothes at an expensive price, is it because of the royalties too?


Gonuts Donuts haz this awesome party food. They have this Christmas tree type or pyramid-type of donuts / cupcakes selling for around 2K. They almost have everything for every occasion.

Anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms and such…

They should add more themes such as funerals, anointing of the dead, and World Toilet Day.

Yes, there is such a thing as a World Toilet Day, it was just celebrated last week. I might be wrong with the date but you can wiki it.

(Tamad-sa-wiki much?)

Donuts that smell like flowers for the dead; cupcakes that taste like the holy water; and some pastry that looks exactly like a toilet bowl.

And there will be a picture of a blue duck or something that can resemble a blue duck, at the top of the pyramid.


The ideas sound so random.


~ by targrod on November 27, 2009.

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