Of the wii2 #

The sequel to Playstation or PS is PS2 and PS3 or Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 respectively. XBOX also gave us XBOX 360. Even the Gameboy series had a lot of suffixes that we really don’t know if they’re going to change the name or just bank with the current thirty-year-old brand.

I know Gameboy still dates back in the nineties.

I never owned one but all my friends seemed charitable; they didn’t give me one, I just borrowed the device.

How about Wii? In case you’re not familiar on how they came up with the name Wii, the Nintendo boys got it from the word ‘We’. I think.

The Tagalog version is ‘Tayo’. I hope they have a local release of that device.

Now, if the Nintendo boys come up with a sequel or a next-gen of a name, then the best would be ‘Wii-wii’. ‘Wii-squared’ doesn’t sound astig.

And it will be a fiesta for us Pinoys, in case they do that.

“Pare, bago daw ang Wii-wii mo? Pahawak naman!”
”Kelan ba natin lalaruin yang Wii-wii mo?”
“Kung apat tayong lalaro ng Wii-wii mo, paano na yung isa pa nating kabarkada na gustong subukan ang tatag ng Wii-wii mo?”
“Nintendo Wii-wii: Mapapa-wii-wii ka sa saya.”
“Yung misis mo panay ang hawak sa Wii-wii mo, ako naman!”
“Matigas pala itong Wii-wii mo, masakit sa ulo nung hinampas ko e.”

And if you’re holding it, you can say, ‘Naka-wii-wii ako. Naka-tayo nga e.’


It seems that someone wants a Wii so badly.

BUT I know this is a great time waster for me. I don’t think it is a good idea to get one. I’ll opt for a new CPU instead.


~ by targrod on November 28, 2009.

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