Of the jungle #

Lol. This is indeed a lol-ish moment in our beloved Philippine politics. So, who’s going to run for the presidency next year… lemesee… there’s Noynoy Aquino, Erap Estrada, Manny Villar, Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Gibo Teodoro, Jamby Madrigal, and some other candidates including the one who said, “Kung hindi ako mananalo, magpapakamatay ako.”

Hey, don’t forget to tell me where the location for this guy is held.

I guess there is a certain irresistible feeling on why they want to run for the presidency. For the film lovers out there, this is like Oscars. For the Tolkien fans, this is like that one and only ring. And for the twi-hards, well, this is the love-lust for Bella by Edward and vice-versa.

Again, welcome to the jungle my dearie. GMA’s presidency is a big factor on why a lot of these prominent people filed for the presidential bid. Power is one, for obvious reasons and with the current president’s nine years (?) in office, amidst all the controversies, you can still see her demonic smile whenever she goes on television. She should’ve said something like this when she was on stage with Manny, “Oyyyy Mannyyy. Pa-Krista Krista ka pa dyan. Nagpa-breast augment ba yun? Touch my body and check out mine.”

Yes, GMA deserve the insult, imho. Why? Well, she’s running again. Ang kapal ng peys.

But obviously, not all these candidates have the same agenda as, probably, Erap. I’m assuming a few of them are hoping for a good management of this slumping country.

Prayers are helpful but we need to do something right now. We need to vote next year. We have been blindsided by GMA’s promises that even a person who studied in a prestigious school doesn’t mean that this candidate will do good. And that sucks for the silent minority and the people who actually votes for the candidate due to his or her exemplary platform.

And… and… and… this is the right time for those debates. Even if it doesn’t really work IRL, I guess we do want these candidates to talk to us, the people.

Tsaka, na-miss ko din kasi yung Isang Tanong ng Channel 7. Wag ka nang kumontra.


~ by targrod on December 1, 2009.

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