Of the fb #

If Bill Gates is the devil then Mark Zuckerberg is one of the apocalyptic horsemen. There is this certain pull that every time you use Facebook, it will suck you in like Edwards glittery persona. I think a lot of people right now are saying that why did they have to use Facebook, it is ruining their lives.

I just recently stopped playing Castle Age. I’ve been doing that for a week. It was funny that an officemate told me that I was too addicted with Castle Age. This one, coming from him, who has five extra accounts for that application itself.

Twisted logic much?

So, I Wiki’ed Facebook and I ended up with Lamebook. Here’s an excerpt:

The site mainly deals with funny stuff found on Facebook; stupid pictures, stupid ideas, and other thoughts that shouldn’t be read for the masses; TMI TIN (Too Much Information, Tang Ina Naman).

Then, there’s a Pinoy version, Facebuko:

This site is better for our taste. You can say if you like it. You can comment and it tackles mostly Filipino pop culture which is really awesome. Don’t forget to look the Marian Rivera comments. Such site is a good work that you will really be proud of.


I guess there are other Facebook-type sites out there.

Since I’m going to watch An American Tail… in a high-pitched voice “somewhere out there… beneath the pail moonlight”


Quick Q:

(Anong mga Asian films ang ayaw nyong na-remake ng Hollywood?)

Or in English What the Asian films you don’t want have been remade by the Hollywood? Aaaa… ang gulo.


I’m looking for a new Multiply layout. I want an orange Twilight-related layee.

And that’s the problem with me not proof reading, i’m missing some words and phrases. Bah!


~ by targrod on December 2, 2009.

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