Of the hair #

I’m watching this documentary by Chris Rock, entitled Good Hair, about the bestest hair in America. The African-American women were focused because they were willing to spend a thousand bucks just for a weave of hair.

Weaving is like one of those hair extensions that they add to their existing hair or even just replacing it all with wig instead.

(On a side note: Chris Rock is not racist in the documentary. I admire him for that.)

There is this silent debate going on with couples all over the world. The common man (hindi yung mga assholes na nanliligaw lang ng babae or nagpapakasal sa babae kasi trophy wife or trophy gf sila) will always say that their female counterparts look beautiful already and the female population would say that we’re doing facial treatment, spa, dieting, parloring, perm, mani-pedi, hair extension, make-up, blush-on, lipstick, and the president’s favorite, breast augmentation because we want to look good.

Then the guy says, “but you’re beautiful already”. Then the woman says, “no, i’m not”.

Then the guy loses at the end of the discussion and buys the female something, like chocolates perhaps?



Taking chances is the shit. I mean I know a lot of people, or all of us, wants it in the easy way but when reality kicks in you have to act like a common tao. That’s how the cookie crumbles.

There are chances where you are really stupid in doing it and you’re just basing everything on the lucky lotto number. Sometimes this is not all worth it. Maybe, probably, you shouldn’t have done it. There’s no purpose in there. So, in case you go to the losing side, it felt as if it was nothing. Or yeah, it felt like botox in your face.

Not that I’ve tried botox before. Duh.

Then, there’s the wonderful chance of trying it out. There must be something. You might think that you’re on the losing end but instead of feeling you lost something, you feel that it was all worth it.

Sometimes the losing is still a pure win.

I think it is all the time you spent that made it a winner and you sure are lucky you were able to do it.

Hindi lang talaga para sa iyo.

Kasi magulo.


~ by targrod on December 3, 2009.

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