Of the hunggarrr #

Its kinda like a month ago lang when I kinda made-sali to that Hunger Games sponsored by National Bookstore.

Its like it was sooooo awesome because it was like the pers time I kind of made-sali something that kinda involved some-kinda nice game.

Okay. I got tired of that one.

So, here’s a video made by the Fandom peeps, they sorta documented the Hunger Games LARP last month:

You have to watch it first, click the link, to understand what the hell I’m talking about.


And so, it can be told.

(as if naman na parang nakapaka-importante ng isusulat ko. “It can be told”. Parang may super-astig na pronouncement ako sa mundo a… “I am the long lost son of Manny Pacquiao.”)

I just watched the video a few weeks ago, well, the moment it was released. It took a while for them to finish the editing. You know what. Editing is hard. It takes hours of your time and with a video as long as that, I’m not wondering why it took them weeks to finish it. Kudos to the crew who did it!

I’m not going to brag on what I did during that day. I can still say that it was pure luck. (And my mom even informed me that I was going to win. Well, she told me this one after I won the game already.)

Let us go back to the day and to the first activity: the creation of the weapons. I guess when I found that we have to do some artsy-fartsy stuff; it occurred to me that this is my suckiest strength. I never thought of myself as someone who is artistic enough and impress the judges. It was like this, you’re given materials to create “weapons” and the judges would give you stickers if they found your created “weapons” artistic enough for their taste. And I was so lucky that Joan was my partner. I never knew she can make a very sturdy sword *insert grin here* (I’m sorry I can’t help it. Hahaha) And I guess the stupid number “1” logo on the shield made my get-up stupider.

Then, there was the “look for the three food flags inside the expo”. Putangina. This was tough. And there was one way to win this round. Follow the duo in blue and you might just win it. Hehehe. And the last flag, it was just pure luck. That round was really sucky. Nakakapagod mag-ikot sa loob ng expo na napakaraming tao. Umiikot na nga ang paningin ko noon. Oh wait pregnant nga pala ako. The round went like you have to look for three flags inside the expo. The staff gave you maps and they made it easier by stabilo-ing the three places where you’ll get the flags. I guess the hard part in this round is that you have to go through the thick crowd. Wala man lang water break ala marathon-ers sana kami.

The third round was quite crazy. I guess luck pa din ito. Why? Second round pa lang pagod na ko. I know I can’t compete to the younger generation from the other districts. You saw the two guys, hindi ba? I think mga sanay to sa paguran (with their girlfriends… *ehem*) So, the staff gave us stickers to make-dikit to the opponents. Those were the bee-like creatures that can really kill in the book. Pagod na nga ako hindi ba, so the first minute I really tried running around and be kind of really agile. It didn’t work. Pagod na nga ako e. Eventually, nakatsamba lang na tumabi ako sa isang tabi (duh) then be a jack-ass. Lahat ng dadaan sa harap mo na kalaban, dikitan mo sa likod. And it worked. I guess there is something na gantihan sa ganito. Pag nilagyan mo yung isang tao gagantihan ka niya. E paano kung hindi ka niya nakita?

Fourth round. Jousting. Putangina. Paano ako mananalo sa isang taong seven or eight years younger than me. Na siguradong malakas pa ang katawan. E hampasin lang ako nun. Babagsak ako. And I was realllly tired. Ito talaga, puno ng prayers at luck ang nangyari. Sinabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, kung hindi ko mababayagan ito, (excuse me for the term) kahit yung tuhod na lang. Ayun, I kinda make chamba. Alright.

And for the fifth round. Dito nabuhayan ang loins at dugo ko. Hahaha. Pinaglihi ako sa kiamoy e. So, ayun. We won. And I remember na kailangang kong gawin ito kasi bumili ako ng kiamoy nung isang araw.


So, asan na yung prizes mo?

Bwahahahaha. Pakyuka.


~ by targrod on December 4, 2009.

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