Of the high #

I guess looking for things and information in the Internet would surely help us with a lot of things. Oh wait, what I meant was you get to see new things and new finds.

Did I make any sense in that?

As usual. Hindi. Bwahaha.

Anyhoo, I was researching for some stuff in Wiki regarding the film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The humor and craziness impressed me that I ended up with Clone High.

I have a short-span of memory regarding synopses and summarizations of films and television shows. I’d rather watch it.

So, I proceeded in downloading the animated series produced by the people of MTV.

That’s why the show is zany. The MTV people made it.

From the image shown above you’ll see a cloned version of JFK (the one with the red and white sweater) whose arms are wrapped around a cloned Cleopatra. At the middle is a cloned Abrahan Lincoln and on his right is a cloned Joan of Arc. On the farthest right is the hip-hopped and cloned Gandhi.

The premise was quite simple. They cloned famous people in the past and tried to mix them in a high school and probably they could examine and check how they would react with the present situation.

It was like High School Musical all over again but with a wicked twist. And that’s the fun part.

Well, go ahead and download the sole thirteen episode-season of Clone High and you’ll be amused with what I am talking about.


Walang magawa. Bow.


~ by targrod on December 6, 2009.

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