Of the morezzz #

I guess people like me who often the Internet or Interwebz can attest to this.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to download a torrent (do they really call that a torrent. Wait; can torrent be a verb, a noun or a pang-ukol na bubukol? Come on. Help me with this one. Hehe) and then the ‘download finished’ percentage stops at the ninety three to ninety nine point ninety nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine.

The only remedyo for this is to try and look for another torrent and probably get a successful download for that one.

Unless you get the same effin’ result, poor you.

You can even ask for some help, like seed please and such. And the worst thing that you might get is “Hey! Are you a girl? I can give you some of my seed. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*”.

Let us put this down in metaphor.

Oh wait, I’m going to leave the metaphor to you. Post your entries at the comment box at the bottom.

The comments should contain a word of German, a word of Italian, and a Spanish colloquial word, please don’t write silya if you know chair in Tagalog means salumpwet but you can use the Tagalog version of men’s underwear.

Curse words are always welcome but put it in taste. Single spaced and a minimum of a hundred words please.

Numbers should all be converted to binary. If you’re going to plagiarize a quote, be sure to put in the whole name of that person and please name his or her pet dog and his or her favorite flower.

Donations are also welcome. All proceeds are logically directed to my bulsa.


~ by targrod on December 6, 2009.

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