Of the bandas #

I guess reading bathroom reading books would give you interesting facts. Take the Uncle John’s books for instance; I got an interesting article that is related with foreign bands and groups.

(By the way, the Uncle John’s books in our local bookstores are expensive. You have to look for those cheap bookshops where they would sell it in half, probably.)

I got this from: Uncle John’s Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader 12th ed.

Gin Blossoms – A gin blossom is slang for the capillaries in your nose and face that burst because of excessive drinking.

10,000 Maniacs – Came from the cult horror film 2,000 maniacs. One of the band members misunderstood the film’s name.

Foo Fighters – World War II fighter pilot slang for UFOs.

Rage Against The Machine – Name refers to a reaction of ordinary people against corporations, governments, and other invasive institutions that control our society.

Pearl Jam – Singer Eddie Vedder suggested the name in honor of his Aunt Pearl’s homemade jam, supposedly a natural aphrodisiac containing peyote. “Pearl Jam” is also slang for semen.

Beastie Boys – Beastie supposedly stands for Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Inner Excellence.

Blind Melon – According to bassist Brad Smith, the name was slang for unemployed hippies in his Mississippi town. Also sounds suspiciously like an anagram of blues singer Blind Lemon.

Devo – An abbreviation of de-evolution, something that the members of the group believe is happening to the human race.

REM – An acronym for rapid eye moment. REM sleep is the state of sleep in which dreams occur.

Matchbox 20 – Took its name from the combination of a softball jersey bearing the number 20 and a patch that read “matchbox.” The name is meaningless. “The two parts aren’t even related,” singer Rob Thomas has said.

Counting Crows – A reference to an old British poem that said life is as meaningless as counting crows.

The Who – According to legend, the group, first called The High Numbers, was looking for a new name. Every time someone came up with an idea, they jokingly asked, “The who?” Finally, a friend said, “Why not just call yourselves ‘The Who’?”


If I remember it correctly The Eraserheads got their band name from a movie. And Cueshe got it from a Bananacue. Naman diba?

As much as I want to research more on this… tinatamad na ko e. bwahahaha. I want to know how Rivermaya, Kamikazee, Urban Dub, Parokya Ni Edgar, Wolfgang (probably due to Wolf Gemora?), Greyhoundz (are they Bosconians?), Radioactive Sago Project, Giniling Festival, Kiko Machine (duh?), and etc.

~ by targrod on December 10, 2009.

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