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Don’t you just love it when you watch a film and start complaining? Your friend, seatmate or your MOMOL-mate would shush you up because you are so geeky about the film that the next time you ask him or her out he or she would politely say, “Wag na lang. Ang arte mo e.”

So, allow me to complain more with what I’ve recently seen. You don’t actually have to read this. Drama lang. I have in this post are You Got Me and Paranormal Activity.

= You Got Me =

I have always been a sucker for bubblegum films. Including those films made for Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga. I mean you have to accept that the kilig is there. I know that this is so baduy but you can’t blame me on this.

And who uses the word baduy nowadays? No one. Just me. Right?

I guess the storyline for My Big Love made me expect something as well as it from the people behind this film. I mean I really enjoyed that sa totoo lang. But I think the writers in this film made some wrong turns even with the basic plot itself. I know it is just fiction but I’ve gone technical and I can’t help myself in doing it.

The paintball scene is just plain stupid. I mean, we all know that they are policemen. They want to do some shooting and shit but why the hell aren’t they wearing any helmets on their heads? Come on!!! It is just plain stupid. Who plays paintball without any complete protective gear? I know they wanted the faces of the actors and actresses to be seen all throughout that scene but believe me, with that scene, a small thing like a helmet is a big deal actually.

They should’ve made bang-bang with nerfs instead.

Then, something as ridiculous as a happy environment in a police precinct; come one people. This shit is a fallacy. The closest thing that this should be true is to make this a slapstick film instead. Bring in the Dencio Padilla policeman or even the Panchito policeman. I mean at least in that sense we all know that the precinct is just a joke.

Lastly, the storyline for Zanjoe Marudo is wtf? It ends there? Then, this Sam Milby is just a freakin’ rebound? Come on!!!! You just don’t end a story in that sense. Remember My Big Love where Kristine Hermosa didn’t get the guy (yeah, I think si Kristine nga yun)? I mean the story of Zanjoe ends nowhere. Yes, the ending part looked romantic but nooo, don’t give me shit with loose ends.

I want my .. uhm… hindi ko nga pala pinanood sa sine to. Bwahahaha!

= Paranormal Activity =

I have just one complaint or complain regarding the film. Wait, let us change this one. Stupid Americans.

I guess this is the advantage for us Asians and to add that we are a religious people. Isn’t it very simple? You don’t mess with the supernatural.

But what the fuck did they just do? They aren’t religious in any sense. They don’t understand anything about the supernatural. And they pissed off something in their house.

At putangina, ang coward nung tumutulong sa kanila. That guy should be blamed for everything. In the first place, he knew that something was wrong. He should’ve done something. Hindi na sana nangyari ang nangyari.

Here is another thing. Now, I am not sure of this one. Pero I got curious with the camera that they are using. Unless that camera is directly connected to a laptop na derecho nang mag-record, then how the hell can their camera record a large amount of data? Eight hours ba yun? E even an ordinary DVD recordable can just save around 120 minutes of data. And I don’t think there is an existing low cost camera na kayang gawin yung nagagawa nung camera dun sa movie.

Then, I might be wrong again. Now, if they are using those P2 cameras na malamang gigs of space ang kayang I-save then ok pa. Pero broadcast cameras yun. Sabihin na lang natin na millions of pesos ang isang video camera na ganun.

I know that that film is just meant to scare people. They don’t need to be technical pero wala lang. Napansin ko lang.

*insert Kris Aquino laugh here*


~ by targrod on December 11, 2009.

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