~ First Time ~

2010 is definitely the right time to change a few things in this site. Number one on the list is obviously the layout. I have to give some ample time for this. It is either the perfectionist in me that is kicking in or just simply I’m too lazy to look for a good site.

Number two, I’ll do more of me for this year. I’ll lessen the clutter and try to stick more on what is happening to me and at the same time, it would be easier for me to do end of year reports. I realized that this should really contain more of me and not what is happening around me. That should just be a secondary.

Number three, I’m changing the title. It is no biggie. Really.

Number four, I’ll still try to kick off a lot of punch lines for this year. I really do think that humor helps the heart from depression. Of course, I have to deal with the problem but humor really helps. Hask Hathena Hamorsolo-Hignacio. Go figure.

And number five, I’ll try to feature suggestions in terms of food, gadgets, and other things that people might find interesting.


My mom’s birthday is on the sixth and I already gave her gift by going to the RX booth (yey!) I know no one’s going to bring her there, so why not let her meet her favorite DJ’s.

Just a small intro: I’ve been active with in The Morning Rush lately. I attended a big EB last December and I’ve been mingling with no tingling with the rushers. Define the group with one word: Very Crazy (Ok kids, this is the time to look for the punch line. Don’t blame me if you’re stupid. It is there. Stupid.)

A very big thank you to Chico and Delamar for the warm greet; sabi nga ni mama, ang saya saya kahit sa loob ng booth ng RX.


The fireworks we got for this year were acquired from the WOW fireworks people. Their logo looks exactly like the videoke mic series (Manny P. Intro: Sa ekstreeem madyekkk senggg) WOW Magic Sing.

Here’s a suggestion, why don’t they just steal the logo of Starbucks and change the name to Starburst.

Not really a suggestion, but just a figment of my imagination.

Anyhoo, don’t buy the 600+ version if you’re planning to buy this brand next year. Try the 800+ ones. Good boom!

Also, it didn’t rain on New Year’s Eve. Hooray for the dry roads. Even the humps too! (So, bale dry hump na siya.) The boa (oo, yung sawa) was successful.


The Post New Year Annual Choir Second Reunion or the Poneyeanchosere (I just invented this, it looks stupid) was successful again for this year. Hooray for that. Even if we have two baby boomers and a lot of people are not in the Philippines, we were able to push it through with food, booze, and cross-stitching (no really, don’t try to pull some punch lines, not that pun-ny.)


And I really do have to remind myself to be ready whenever there’s a Gamboa reunion. The generation before us is so bastos that compared to Joey De Leon, he’s wearing a halo. (Oh! Dapat may background song ni Beyonce… Paano kung bisaya si Beyonce? Helo … Helo… Helo…)


And hi to the witches who I met after the reunion!

Mas sexy pa din ako sa inyo. Hahaha! =)


~ by targrod on January 2, 2010.

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